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  1. Sorry for such a long wait between replies. Work ended up getting busy and then the current health crisis has hit my state hard. So I am still having the problem where i whenever i start up my computer the first time in the day when i log in the speed of the graphics/computer seem to stutter where any game will be choppy or holding down a key on notepad will not be smooth and you can see how choppy it is by holding down a letter. So I disconnected all my monitors and started to boot the computer up each day with an additional monitor, the first 3 days seemed okay then the 4th day it started to stutter again. So i started to remove monitors. But even when i got to 1 monitor it still stuttered with just 1 monitor. I cant get it to not stutter anymore no matter what monitor i boot with. Also if i shut down the computer with a youtube video open. If i boot it back up, i can hear it playing the youtube video without me even logging into the computer. When i restart the computer when its doing the stuttering. it hangs on the restart for ages, eventually it will blue screen with a Driver_Power_State_Failure message and then restart normally and the computer will be fine. Currently the 2nd issue where the usb type c monitor i can deal with currently where it doesnt want to register properly until i disconnect and reconnect it. I would rather not wait 15 minute to start up my computer first but if anyone can help with that too i would be grateful. ' Any suggestions?
  2. I just got a new computer with AMD Ryzen 9 3950x , 64 gb ram, nvidia GeForce rtx 2080 ti, if you need more information I can provide it. Anyway, it has been acting weird. I transferred a lot of the information I needed from my older computer to the newer one. But now the newer computer is acting choppy on start up. Games play choppy and if I open up notepad and hold down a button you can clearly see it stopping the keystrokes every second or so creating a choppy effect. It seems to stay this way until I restart the computer. When I go to restart the computer though or even shut down when its being choppy, on restart it just sits at restart for ever and never actually restarts till I hold the power button down to shut off then turn it back on, then it works fine. On shut down all the monitors shut down but the computer fan lights and fans stay on as well as my keyboard and again wont actually shut off till I hold the power button down and I power the computer back on. Then when it boots back up it will work fine. I did do an update to my video card while the computer was acting choppy and after the update and it flashed the screens off and back on the choppiness went away after I updated it. But only for that boot up. The issue still persists. Also it seems like if I select restart on the log in screen without logging in it will restart the computer normally without having to hold the power button down and boot up and work normally. I am unsure what the issue could be can anyone help here? I would like to be able to boot up the computer once without needing to do it a second time to make everything work right and to turn off and restart normally. Also a second issue is I have 4 monitors connected to the computer. 1 monitor is connected through usb type c to hdmi. That monitor seems to turn on at random when booting. Sometimes it gives me nothing until I disconnect the hdmi on the back and plug it back in. Other times it functions normally on start up without having to disconnect and reconnect the hdmi port.