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  1. I didn't think about any budget at the moment. One guy is selling a RTX2080 for 500 EUR in my town. I am willed to spend that much. But this might be a stupid idea, because of my old CPU and Platform. I don't want to buy a new PC for thousands of euros at the moment. Maybe I should go for a Ryzen 2XXX CPU and Mobo and stay with my GTX1070? Or grab a RTX2060 + used Ryzen System for 500 EUR in total? I am absolutely confused, thats why Im asking here Thank you. I will check this in my Lunch Break in 2 hours.
  2. Hi All, (first of all I would like to point out that English is not my mother tongue. You may find some grammar mistakes in my posts. Just tell me, if something is horrible wrong. I always try to translate without any help of translating programs. Thank you mates!) Linus always points out, that anybody who is interested in PC Tech should use his forum. So here I am I am doing homeoffice because of the Corona Virus. Also all my plans (holidays, concerts, etc) are cancelled now... It looks like we even have to cancel our wedding in August... Crazy time! My friends and me are gaming a lot at the moment. Because of all this free time. And now I am thinking about upgrading my PC, as it is a few years old already. But I am not sure where to start. Maybe you are bored or interested enough to help me out My PC: Intel i7 4770 (non k) MSI Z87-G45 Gaming 2x Corsair 4 GB DDR3 1600MHz 2x 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (I had them laying around from an old workstation) Gigabyte Windforce OC GTX1070 be quiet 500W 80+ Gold Several S-ATA SSDs and one mass storage HDD Old Corsair Carbide something Case (forgot the number) The GTX1070 is the last piece I upgraded. All in all a good package I think. But I got a new Monitor in a sale some time ago. ASUS ROG PG278QR 144 Hz (165oc) WQHD is asking for more horsepower now. I don't even touch the 144 fps in the most Games at the moment. Except for Games like League of Legends of course. Metro Exodus and PUBG are more hungry for example. I "only" get around 100 fps on medium settings in PUBG. I know I know... I complain on a very high level. But now where I have this Monitor and all this free time... I want a better experience. What would you upgrade first? Would my i7 4770 bottleneck a RTX2070 (Super)? (I am bound to nvidia because of the Gsync Monitor) Would I gain more fps changing the i7 to a Ryzen? Because of faster RAM etc.? I am very interested in your thoughts Thank you. Andy
  3. Thank you for this idea. I checked the Pins. Everything is fine. Nothing bend. I just noticed, that the Mobo starts to forget all BIOS Settings. Changed the batterie, but this didn't help. So something is strange with it.... I grabbed another Mobo on ebay and put the i7 and the RAM on it. And now everything is working just fine! I will try to claim the defective Mainboard by the seller. He told it is working fine, but obviously this is not the case. Thank you all for your help!! :-) And sorry for my late response.
  4. Task Manager says: 8 GB installed. 4 GB usable. The processes only use up to 4 GB. I can't see anything reserving the RAM. Where can I check the igpu Settings? I coudlnt find any. It seems the i7 860 doesn't have any? I am sorry for this stupid Question. I tried the solution in your first link. But the System Claims that I am not the Admin... lol Right. I only have one User on this Windows. Of Course I am the Admin. The Solution of your second link seems to my Point 2) in my first post. Isn't it? Thank you so far for the fast asnwers!! ?
  5. 64 Bit. See Text and Screenshot in my first Post ?
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to this Forum. I'm from Germany, so my english might not be perfect. I am sorry for this. Hopefully you are more likely to help me, then the german tech Forums. The problem is an old one. Most of you have already read about it or faced it even by him/herself. Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) says my PC is only able to use 3,99 GB of my 8 GB DDR3 RAM. But my BIOS detects all RAMs I install (I tried different ones). System: i7 860 ASRock H55M-LE Sapphire RX460 2 GB 2x 4 GB DDR3 Samsung RAM M378B5173DB0-CK0 500 GB HDD WD Thermaltake 430 Watt Windows 10 PRO 64bit I already tried: 1) Updating the BIOS 2) Checked "msconfig" Start-Configuartion. The Check-Box on usable RAM is empty (was by Default). Turning it on 8 GB didn't help as well. 3) Used other RAM Sticks (Corsair) 4) Used only 6 GB of RAM (1x 4 GB + 1x 2 GB) 5) Made Windows Updates (now fully updated) 6) Set BIOS on Default 7) Set BIOS Video Settings on PCI Express (it was on "PCi" by Default) I found tons of threads regarding this Problem and it could have been solved with one of these Points above. But not in my case. Do you have any more ideas for me? Maybe new Installation of Windows 10? But it is Fresh. Installed it yesterday. Or do I have a broken Mainboard? I know it is an old LGA1156 Mainboard, but I could get it really cheap on eBay and I wanted to have little fun with it. Thank you in Advance!! Andy