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  1. Okay thanks, I'll check it out when I head back from work.
  2. This model has 2 fan on both side of the heat sink so I don't think there is a way around it (or is there any?). I mean I haven't tried to use only just one fan yet because I want to use both of them. Edit: The splitter came with the Noctua cooler btw.
  3. I did but nothing happened. I think there should be a peep sound when it failed to spin but nope.
  4. I would say skill because I can learn from him. Especially like in CSGO, I like to watch s1mple or kennyS play because how aggressive they are and it suit my style of playing as well.
  5. Hi guys! So I've been having this cooler for less than a year but lately when I switch to my new setup I realized that these fans sometime stop spinning after I log in to window. Sometimes only 1 fan is spinning, sometimes both of them failed to spin. If I reset my PC then some of the time both of them will spinning normally sometimes it doesn't fix the problem. I thought maybe the temp was too cool to spin but even when I'm playing video games the fan would refuse to spin. I use the y header (4-pin) that came with the fan to plug in the CPU_FAN. + I've tried to update to the latest bios (F12d) + Re-plugged the cord to double check to see if it gets loosen or not. + Did the fan curved as in the image below. I read one of the solution online that is maybe because of my PC is in idle so the temp is low -> fan won't spin. But apparently that's not the case, my fan wouldn't spin. Even when I forced my fans to run full speed in the Smart Fan control, nothing happened. It will run full speed if it's already spinning if not then it just stand still. Rare case is one of the fan is trying to spin so I gave it a spin but it still won't spin, it's just jiggle a bit. So my question is how can I fix this? Or is this a normal thing for this cooler? Should I do rma request? Thanks. Here are my specs: - Gigabyte Z390 aorus PRO (F12d latest bios) - Intel I7-9700K (no OC) - Cosair 8Gb + 8GB 3000 mhz memory (running at 3000mhz) - Noctua NH-U12A cooler - MSI gtx 1080 gaming X - 1 SSD, 1HDD - EVGA 850W 80+ Gold G5 I also have 4 fans case besides the 2 fans on the CPU. Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes.