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  1. In my version of app (12) I don't have Surface Test option on the side when I choose my drive.
  2. Okay, done. Clean was successful. What should I do next?
  3. Five in total. 2 HDDs: 1 TB 2 TB and 2 SSDs: 250 GB SSD 500 GB SSD Plus the USB drive mentioned.
  4. As I typed "list disk" something like that appeared. I didn't do clean yet because...drive is 0 bytes size. Should I continue?
  5. So today after turning on my PC my Seagate drive wasn't in This PC drive list. I tried reattaching it and it didn't work. Drive SHOWS up in Disk Management, but is not initialised. When I try to initialise it, I get asked for partition style. No matter which one I choose, it gets me same error "Incorrect Function" by Virtual Disk Manager. I am using this drive for my windows file history backup. Would be really nice to get data back, but if fixing it means loss of that data, I can live with it. Will just wait a day or two to rebuild it. I also have laptop with Linux Ubuntu, if that would make fixing it easier in any way. Thanks! PS. When I attach drive I can feel it working (spinning) but the LED on the drive doesn't blink like usual. PS2. I also tried different cable already. PS3. Sadly I am afraid I bought it longer than 2 years ago, so I don't have any warranty. RMA'ing it isn't an option.
  6. Thanks! That helps a lot. A friend of mine also recommended me some weird TP-Link device that uses powerlines to transfer ethernet. Do you know if it works well? It would solve my problems for sure.
  7. Being tired of people at my house complaining about not being able to access network on higher floors I decided it's time for an upgrade. I am currently using Archer C7 from TP-Link router and it is all. It's a pretty big house with thick, concrete walls with steel beams inside them. With three floors and router being on the second one in the right, bottom corner of the house the range is pretty bad on the third and first floor, plus rooms that are in top-left corner of the house on second floor. I cannot move the router anywhere else as my internet is hardwired here and I cannot go with cables through the house. I live in Poland (saying that for prices of things) and would like to pay around 350 euro for the upgrade. I am not against having seperate wired router and set of APs, but the only AP that I will be able to wire with cable to the router will be one in my room. Is there any set of APs that can connect to each other through Wi-Fi? I was looking through Ubiquiti solutions (though I heard concerns about privacy with them as they send user data and you cannot turn it off, but that's just what I heard). I also looked at some TP-Link solutions and even at AC4000 router. I need some guide on how to progress with it and what devices would be the best. Thanks!
  8. When CPU fan is at max, idle temp is around 39 degrees. Is that alright? Also for whatever reason my CPU is boosting to 4GHz on idle anyway.
  9. I am gonna set CPU fans to max and see then. The reason you mentioned might actually be legit, it's really silent usually. Gonna check it.
  10. First fan in the rear, second in the front. No fans at the top. Pressure is neutral and DRP4 is blowing air to the rear.
  11. Hey there! So I have a small issue I want to ask about before taking apart my PC. I have Ryzen 2700x with Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler. I also used thermal paste that came with the cooler. Along it I have MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio. All of it in H500i NZXT case with two default fans, one in front as intake and one in back as exhaust. The concern I have are temps of CPU (mainly) and GPU. I am unsure if it's just normal for 2700x, or maybe I installed cooler in a wrong way and temps are suffering from that. My temps are around 50 on CPU on idle. This already seems weird. For GPU temps are rather normal on idle. For gaming though, temps reach around 65-70. I will mention that I play games on 60 fps lock, with max settings and 4K resolution where possible. Example games are: - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Destiny 2 - World of Warcraft Those are ran in 4K. GPU with those has stable 69 degree. I will be thankful for any info on the matter. I also add screenshot of Ryzen Master for my CPU while running Monster Hunter, just if someone would like to see the config of it. CPU is set to Auto and I am not using Precision Boost Overdrive mode. CPU wasn't OC'ed either.