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  1. I just had to change the boot order from giving preference to Windows Boot Manager to BIOS. I can get into boot menu and select POp_OS.
  2. Update: I managed to change the storage mode to AHCI with windows working so Linux was able to detect the drive and I installed it. But each time I start the computer it keeps booting into Windows. I am also unable to enter BIOS unlike before with just a black screen showing.
  3. So do I need to reinstall Windows in AHCI mode as clearly windows can't seem to find its current installation when I change modes
  4. Update: Ran Boot-Repair in Linux in an effort to bring back Windows and restart. Got stuck in GRUB's command line stuff, powered off and success fully managed to get into BIOS and changed the storage mode from AHCI to RST Premium with Optane (the default setting) and successfully booted into Windows.
  5. I used install usb to run troubleshoot and run cmd commands. The first two "The system cannot find the file specified.". The other two say that no Windows installation were found. Another thing I found was when go for "Use a device" my SSD and Pop_OS show. Both of them boot me into Pop_OS. What do you suggest I do next?
  6. Found this one the manufacturer's forum, could this be related to my issue. They are discussing the same model that I have.
  7. I'll need to do that tommorow morning as the only machine have is down. Thanks for all your help though.
  8. Will it delete the original recovery partition OEM created as I don't want to lose it. I have another issue with my GPU crashing and BSODs which were fixed only after resetting the laptop (using the OEM recovery partition?) Can't I just use the same resetting function again?
  9. I did disable fast boot in both windows and BIOS. I also used be to able to get into BIOS by using F2 before (when fast boot should have been enabled).
  10. So how do I make it look at hda2. When I enter the aforementioned commands it just says "The system cannot find the file specified." Do those commands need to be used in the same order? I have only tried the first one and it didn't work.
  11. It keeps showing "The system cannot find the file specified."
  12. It did install files. And I shrinked the volume from behind (if it makes sense), atleast that's what the UI showed. I'll try these using these commands anyways. Edit: Also shouldn't I be able to get into BIOS even if Windows isn't working?
  13. It did install files. And I shrinked the volume from behind (if it makes sense), atleast that's what the UI showed. I'll try these using these commands anyways.
  14. I used the Windows Disk Management to shrink the main Windows partition and create an unallocated 30gb partition. Then once I got into Pop_OS installation wizard through the bootable SSD I went to the advanced option as I wanted to dual boot it. An application call gparted (not sure about the name) launched in which I divide that unallocated partition into 500mb fat32, 25.5gb ext4 main and 4gb unformated swap drive.
  15. Even when I try to normally start it up and then go to BIOS through spamming F2 it just shows a black screen