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  1. Do you think there's a bottleneck in my system? - Ryzen 5 3400G - 2x8GB MSI 1660 Super 6GB - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000Mhz - MSI X570 A-Pro - Coolermaster 650w TUF 80+ Bronze Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?
  2. Any modern/minimalist case with a door like front panel? For increased airflow when gaming overclocked, so that I can simply flip the panel open instead of popping it off like most usual cases
  3. Like the title says, this is currently how I set up fans - 2 Front intakes - 2 Top exhaust - 1 Rear fan Will my top/frontmost fan steal coolair which is supposed to be going to the CPU aircooler? Front.jfif
  4. I don't have another CPU to test this with, would that be the only way to test if the board still works? Putting another Ryzen CPU to test it with?
  5. To start off here's my pc specs Ryzen 5 3400G MSI B450M Mortar Max No GPU Coolermaster TUF 650w Bronze Semi Modular Corsair 2x 8GB RGB Pro After I installed the new cooler (Deepcool Gammax GTE V2) the computer won't start. Here's what's happening. No monitor display, keyboard/mouse won't light up. BUT all the case fans and the cpu fan are running just fine. Mobo led lights are lighting up as well, RAM rgb is lighting too. Does this mean the cpu is done for but the mobo is just fine? I then removed the new cooler and the CPU. By this point I noticed one of the CPU pins is bent. BUT still even if one of pins is bent. I still reinstalled the cpu and the stock fan (made sure the CPU orientation is correct) and the computer booted up just fine for whatever reason (yay! for now) But sadly. I restarted the computer now it won't start again, same thing is happening (All fans and rgb lights lighting up/no monitor display, keyboard/mouse not lighting up) By this point I noticed the EZ Debug is lighting up the cpu indicator, which could mean the cpu is not detected or failed (according to the manual) Tried entering safe mode, tried entering BIOS. Nada. Tried reseating both RAM, tried starting the PC with 1 RAM in the correct 2nd slot. Still nothing. What should I do, do I replace the CPU? Which is fine since I'm due for an upgrade, but it still hurts. Or is the MOBO fried as well, which is definitely NOT GOOD. Definitely not good.