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  1. I'm inclined to agree at this point, the "problem" is getting used to 4k. Personally I don't care much about refresh rates higher than 60, as I don't play any competitive games ever, but I can't even look at 1080p screens at this point anymore after using 4k for a year. You just don't realize how much detail and clarity you're not getting at lower resolutions unless you've seen it first, both for games and text in general.
  2. Yeah that's the dark side of display peddling. Half of the specs and characteristics you can't dig out unless rtings does a in-depth review, because huge amount of people don't care about anything and just grab the shiniest screen. Hell, many stores around me don't even have the refresh rates of monitors and TVs on display.
  3. I posted another set of examples with a DP on the monitor now, first picture was partly a game issue. Customer service is pretty bad in my area and it would likely be a month+ long process, but I might be able to RMA, I'm just trying to figure out is this pixel density normal for a 1440p display as I've never had one before. I started using TVs as monitors a few years ago and the jump from 1080p 40 to 2160p 40 was huge. Now this monitor has great colors, viewing angles, a bit better refresh rate etc, it's just a downgrade from the TV in terms of clarity, and I was under the impression that ppi would mean that they are basically the same.
  4. I can't find anything in the settings that might affect this but that previous picture might have been more to do with the game as I haven't seen that "duplicated" effect since. However the pixel density seems lower in general, here is another example from desktop icons, monitor is on the displayport now: https://imgur.com/a/rl2XrWc TV is sharper and more defined regardless of the viewing distance and I have pretty good eyes so I'm noticing a decline on the monitor as soon as I switch. I'm basically trying to figure out is this comparison normal and to be expected between 2160 - 40 / 1440p - 27, or should they look the same consdering the same ppi, or could actually that 2* ppi difference be enough for such a difference. If anyone has a 1440/27 monitor I'd be grateful for a similar zoomed in picture for comparison.
  5. What do you mean by rendering resolution in this case? Both displays are using their native resolution without any downsampling, I'm not sure what else to do to confirm resoution aside from that. Here is an example from PoE I made for a reddit thread on the same issue: https://imgur.com/a/iRnkGbS All games I've tried look noticeably worse than they do on the TV, especially in terms of aliasing.
  6. Damn first time I'm hearing about this ever, there's no end to the display bullshit you gotta watch out for and can't find any relevant information on. But there doesn't seem to be a way to determine this without a microscope and another monitor? The worst part is that I have nothing to compare it to, all stores in my area suck and have no 1440p displays out, and I don't know anyone who has one. Unfortunately I can't set scaling to 100% as it's too tiny unless I stick my face into the screen. I also didn't find any settings in the OSD menu that might help with this, there's sharpness which looks terribly blurry at 0 and too sharp at 100 so I left it at 50 where it was.
  7. It's 276E8FJAB, I listed it above. The weird thing that it was marketed as a 60hz display but it also has a 75hz option that seems to run with no issues, at least none that I see.
  8. I got a new 27inch 1440p monitor a few days ago after using a 40inch 4k Samsung TV as a monitor for a while, as TV was amazing but had bad ghosting due to response times. The monitor model is 276E8FJAB, and while I'm loving the colors, response and a slightly higher refresh rate, I can definitely notice pixels especially in comparison to the TV that has the same PPI. Now I was looking for definitive answers on this before making the purchase and the general idea was that at appropriate viewing distance, the displays should look roughly the same because they have almost the same PPI (110 for the TV and 108 for the monitor), but there is a clear difference. On the TV I can barely notice pixels even when viewing from up close, with desktop icons and texts (Word especially), all crystal clear on the TV while small jaggies/pixels are visible on the monitor. It's also pretty noticeable in games with most being far sharper and more detailed at 4k on a much larger screen. I'm also not 100% sure that something isn't slightly off with the scaling as I'm switcing the HDMI cable back and fourth, so is the difference supposed to be noticeable or could something else be the case? I reinstalled the drivers with DDU so there should be nothing wrong on that end I hope. Many third party apps are WAY more blurry on the monitor, which I guess falls under dpi scaling but I don't know how to counter it as they look the same regardless of what I set Windows scaling to.