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  1. You were really helpful, @GDRRiley, thank you very much for the time dedicated!
  2. Thank you! AS5304T sounds like a really nice option to me, but from the reviews I can see that it comes with some kind of OS/control system already. Would I be able to install Debian on it without loosing the functionality of some parts of the hardware?
  3. Hello! I'll be building an office server and it would be amazing if you, guys, could help me out with the hardware choices which I'm not sure of. First purpose: We have 1TB of data and growing. Mostly pictures. I want to put in 2x2TB HDD drives and connect them with RAID1 on top of a ZFS filesystem for better data security. The system itself will be stored on an SSD 128-512GB drive. I want to have a possibility to scale the amount of data drives in the future if we get more data or decide to use RAID10. The second purpose of the server - it will hold a nodeJS WEB application with mongoDB(20Gb of data) that will be used by 6 people at once at most. I believe it would be a good thing if the motherboard would have 1Gbit/s LAN adapter. Please, provide me with any recommendations for motherboards, CPUs, power supplies or anything else you see worth mentioning. I'd like to keep the overall build budget below 2000€, but any offers are interesting anyway. Thank you!