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  1. oh , no no. i have 64 bit but will try reinstall, thanks for help
  2. i will do that, but also on geforce experience i get an error that says its not compatible with my operating system or somethin? any help with that?
  3. okay will try thanks. at school rn but will do when i get home
  4. Hey guys, so i recently got a pc and it has a GTX 1060 6gb, but in afterburner it says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. My hdmi is plugged into the GPU and the GPU is plugged into the motherboard. the gpu is on, but it wont let me select the 1060in afterburner or anything else. In afterburner the only gpu option is GPU1: Microsoft basic display adapter. everything else works fine, just my pc isnt detecting my gpu. please help, Regards