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  1. okay thanks sorry for the late replies I always forget
  2. its a AF version of the 1600 its basically the 2600 but with the 1600 name
  3. i like to go with the xmp route do i do the xmp 2.0 profile? and when i do that do i select the dram frequency to 3200?
  4. okay thats good to know that i didnt mess anything but if i turn it to 3200 will i get better performance? doesnt Ryzen like faster memory?
  5. hello i just recently build a new pc and i went into the bios and my ram speed was running at 2400 the ram i have says 3200mhz how do i change that and what is xmp? my pc specs are Ryzen 5 1600af Asrock B450m r4.0 Team TForce TUF 3200 8x2 450w evga psu 1050 ti evga
  6. okay thanks for the tip I think I'm just gonna start fresh I got no important files I just use it to game I just gotta figure out how I delete windows to reinstall a fresh windows lol
  7. how would I delete everything? on my ssd and hdd
  8. Hello so im building a new PC soon and i already have a activated windows 10 i made it where my activation is linked to my email but i was wondering should i do a new windows 10 install from a usb or do nothing and just plug my SSD in now im pretty sure i have some virus's or whatever since my current pc freezes and slows down quite often so im thinking a new windows 10 install from my USB would be better and if so how do i wipe everything off my SSD and my HDD also sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  9. thanks for all of the replies i think im going with the CougarMX330 or Matrexx 30 deepcool
  10. it's 80 bucks for both im on a tight budget my PC specs are ryzen 5 1600 af default cooler t force 3200mhz 16gb and 1050 ti I'm on a phone so sorry for any mistakes
  11. is there any without the mail in rebate? i never done one and how long does it usually take?
  12. hello so im bulding a new PC i need a psu and case my mobo i micro atx my gpu is the 1050 ti so not big at all and my budget is 80 bucks its not alot and is it doable? i dont really care about looks just thermals i mean i would like a window on it.
  13. Hello so i'm upgrading my motherboard,cpu and ram soon and i'm keeping everything else gpu hard drives and ssd's and i heard from somewhere that windows 10 might bug out and not activate with new hardware what do i have to do for that not to happen how do i upgrade my stuff without losing something my files i don't have a key i got the windows 10 for free its activated but it was when windows 10 upgrade was free when u have windows 8 and 10. EDIT- my microsoft account is linked to my product key is that how to do it?