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  1. the windows key doesn't seem to have any problem, it works just fine and it doesn't feel weird when pressed. besides that what other function key could be used in a combo to do those things?
  2. when i press the right arrow key it halves the size of the window i'm in, if i press it again it shows the tab menu in the now free half of the screen and if i press it again it opens the start menu... it's really annoying when i'm typing and i need to go to the right to correct something. it also does this in games, but it just tabs away directly. i have a razer cynosa chroma keyboard
  3. Nevermind^2 it worked for 10 min then stopped again
  4. Nevermind, i deleted a couple more of those KB update and it worked, forgot to write down which though
  5. So i guess nobody has a fix for my problem?
  6. I already saw this fix but i don't even have that KB4524244 one installed...
  7. I installed the latest w10 update on february the 14th, and since then my desktop pc has stopped connecting to the internet via ethernet. Also my w7 laptop doesn't work in the same way. At first i thought it was the modem's problem so i got it replaced but it didn't change a thing. Every other device in the house works normally with wifi (ps3, samsung s8 and tab 2). I tried uninstalling a couple of updates from friday night but it was ineffective.