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    Razer audio issue

    theyre both plugged in to my pc, i think im gonna go refund return them and get a different headseat because i have so many issues since i bought them, not with just the headset but with the razer software too first time i spent an entire day just so i can make some headphones work
  2. Hello,sorry if my english is bad, its not my first language I recently bought the Razen kraken headset but i keep hearing a constant static noise coming in,when the mic is turned on the static noise is even louder, i tried switching between the jacks in the front and in the back but the noise is still there, i tried configuring the headset with their software but i didnt really understand how to navigate and i didnt get anywhere.The only way to not have the static noise stop is if i unplug the mic or the headphones from my pc but i want to have my mic always plugged in since im playing games and i need it to talk, can anyone help me with a solution or tell me why or how is this happening.Before this headset i used to have a turtle beach ear force z60 and it didnt do this so why is it happening now ? Note: this is the first time i experience something like this, none of my previous headseats did this Edit: upon further inpection it seems that when i rub the cable it makes a weird buzzing sound, I would apreciate it if someone explained to me what is going on. Did i buy broken headphones ?