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  1. i am gonna let it go now, i was going for the new rx 580 as our nation (India) is new to gaming so i can't find an used rx 580, but i went with 1650 super because of the drivers malfunction of Amd and super is also more power efficient and produce less heat. Anyways thanks for you time, all of you thanks a lot.
  2. i tested gpu on different computer, worked just fine intel platform then i looked up gtx 1650 supported motherboards, couldn't find mine. http://www.pc-specs.com/gpu/Nvidia/16_Series/GeForce_GTX_1650/4094/Compatible_Motherboards?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=03a4eae4e7c21fb942bee5fd4f3e0c560c320812-1582210747-0-AXUfoVGyeHeHdAH7GYxxenVvosTeucubcq7XTuQLHQcMgWzB9wjBbKUDd5Y3YQ5Xs1ak4lLoJpc737Q--iUQffORtfU0aKktf2g2MzXSPAV9vwNi4V1eQirM3sIAPjaD18GB-Pqu9AtXuHo80VXtVtcLCP-Uw9JhFD4mJDFe7L6nNf6ekCUn5VSg8_OffzJV2NUdTC0_rZp0rDwJoy3ppY6iTHoLJyt7iEaXSQG64Lyqcv-fJxwp430YzB8rOAMoBVTuE3dFHhRmPnmNh_d8TIyqm65GdiYF4AQtly5DKHcr_bSxVxlZ8PF8hg6EZKgd11mln3-iGuoydbVS4PygoBdrdNNOPklp44hcQLm0JueG
  3. I am 200% sure that my pc is not heating up and not freezing at all its just if don't install drivers it will work as long as i want. And i Had r7 260x when it broke i switched back to my older gt610 then i ordered 1650 super.
  4. Working on pc without drivers installed in safe mode with networking (1650 plugged in)
  5. i used geforce experience did manually too but same thing happens every time
  6. I recently bought a new 1650 super oc 4gb ddr6 gigabyte, i am trying to install drivers but just when drivers changes resolution to native windows "crashes" and restarts but does not boot after windows logo, then i have boot into safe mode and clean uninstall drivers using DDU to boot into normal mode again to install drivers again but same story. Could anyone help me with this. Doing this on windows 10 FX 6300 motherboard is ASrock N68- GS4 fx R2.0 PSU is Corsair vs 550 Is my graphic card faulty here?