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  1. Are they mismatched sticks? 3 is a weird number to have. Even if you buy multiple of the same kind, they can have little differences that will prevent the pc from booting - I've experienced it personally while trying to add more ram to a laptop, and I just had to buy a matching kit.
  2. What @nick name said, and also using high quality fans. Noctua is the gold standard for a reason - they're super quiet. I don't think I can turn my CPU fan all the way off, but I can set a fan curve and Noctua a12x25s can be near silent at low RPMs.
  3. Yeah RAM will affect it, but you also might have problems getting it up past 3000mhz with Ryzen 2. You CAN get it higher, but AMD won't guarantee that it'll work. Depends on the quality of the RAM and your motherboard. Check your motherboards QVL to see if there's a particular type that is tested to work at above 2933.
  4. Your motherboard should be fine btw. If I were you, I might try a 3600 and just see how it goes. Eventually you could do RAM too, but if you're happy and the fps instability is better, then that's all that matters. Don't get too caught up in buying new stuff all the time; enjoy it! You could eventually get a new monitor, but you'll still have trouble getting anywhere close to 144 fps in a lot of games. Personally I use an ultrawide 34" that runs at 100hz. Besides the bluriness that VA panels naturally have, it's pretty good, and great for movies, too.
  5. Hardware unboxed has a bunch of videos reviewing 1440 monitors, most of which are 27". The Xbox One X can do 120hz at 1440, so I'd check out some high refresh panels. Also do some research on the panel types (TN, IPS, and VA) and the benefits and drawbacks of each. I personally use a VA panel but there's some natural motion blur that's kinda distracting, even at high refresh rates, but the blacks are great and so are the colors and viewing angle. If you aren't super picky about color accuracy and it's just you sitting directly in front of a monitor, I'd look at TN panels. They're typically the clearest when in motion, and for a bunch of xbox games I'd imagine that would be ideal. Good luck!
  6. $20 bucks is sketchy, like too low. There are a bunch of fake GPUs on wish and some of those other chinese websites right now, make sure you aren't getting something like that. Also for REAL get an SSD, it's not even just about read/write speeds, it's latency. If you are still just using hard drives, it's seriously one of the biggest upgrades you can make right now, and you can get 250 gig ones for about 30-40 dollars. Worth looking in to. As for your gpu, buy it used from ebay and get an 8gb card if you can. The 470 4gb is fine, though, and plenty cheap, but I wouldn't go any lower than that. Good luck.
  7. One that fits. They're all the same, just a bridge between nvlink connectors.
  8. I think that Dark Rock 4 is about as good as you can get, even with an AIO. Full custom water cooling might help, but you're not really getting any better out of an AIO.