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  1. so something I didn't think about. I found a case thats perfect for what I want But, it has no power button! https://www.rosewill.com/product/rsv-4015l-4u-rackmount-with-8-cooling-fans-15-internal-bays/ Any alternatives to turn on the pc once it's been built (apart from shortening the 2 pins)?
  2. would a 4U ATX case be big enough for something like a Noctua cooler tho?
  3. So, I'm planning to build a new pc at the end of 2020. And I need some help. I have been following LTT for years, but never really contibuted to the forums. I want to make a new pc inside a server rack. As in, a big server case inside the server rack. And I want to do the same with my old pc, as a streaming pc. I also want to use an AIO for both pc's, for the cpu. I kinda like the idea of multiple pc's in a server rack, all clean, and stacked. Then add my audio equipment thats already 2u and 1u size + add future network stuff. And then another plan for the future is a 2nd pc for someone else, as a 3rd pc in the case. I know how to build a pc, so that won't be an issue So, a server rack feels perfect. Now my issue is finding the right Server/PC case for the server rack that is decent on airflow, and allows for an AIO inside and normal pc parts (ATX mobo, ATX psu, etc) Anyone with suggestions Thanks in advance, Asuna Add: Plan is to build a Ryzen 9 3950x system or a Ryzen 4000 series cpu. So plans are for a high end system