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  1. I just wanted to update. i have bought an USB stick and put Win10 with the MediaCreationTool on it and have reinstalled windows. Well i guess it didnt do anything. i still cant Reset the PC 100%. it still tells me that there was a failure.
  2. I have the latest BIOS and AMD drivers. my Windows is installed on a SSD wich i bought new in November. I am Booting windows 10 like always, it just tried to load Win7 when i put the HDD in because i had to formate it because the old pc wasnt running anymore. I am getting theis error with direct x. im sorry that it is in german. i will change the language tomorrow and post again. I have tried recovery mode again. and it always bluescreens me, saying that there is data missing and that it rolled back to no changes at all. i will try buying a USB stick and try to reinstall windows with it. this might be helping. Could faulty RAM be the reason that i cant reinstall windows?DxDiag.txt
  3. All right, i just remembered. i took an HDD from my sisters old Computer and had put it into my PC. there was WIN7 on it, and my PC always booted win7. i just tried problem solving tool and it told me that my PC isnt able to run Direct 11. maybe it has something to do with that?
  4. Hello, i am very desperate thats why i am posting into this Forum. I hope i write in the right topic. Well.. in November i habe build a new PC with: Win 10 Pro ROG Strix b450-E Ryzen 5 2600x RTX 2070 Corsair Vengence RGB 4x 8 GB RAM 3200 mhz 600w be quiet PSU 240 Gb SSD 1 gb HDD ( i added 1tb of HDD about 4 days ago because i ran out of storage) So it all began when i wondered, that i couldnt run my RAM above 2400 MHZ. When i change it, my PC wont boot at all. I have to clear my CMOS Battery to get it to boot again. my CPU wouldnt boost above 3,8 instead of the 4,2. So.. i have noticed that my PC was slower then usual. So i have tried to reinstall Windows. but nop no chance. it just Always tells me, that there were no changes made because an error had appeared. then i have tried to wipe all datas of all hard drives while resetting, hoping that would fix my problems, but again, i couldnt. it always tells me that there were no changes made and that the process have failed. now i am getting random bluescreens too. mostly while moving data from C: to E: for example. or while installing NVIDIA Gefroce Updates via nvidia experience. when i tried to start for honor on ubisoft it just tells me that the datas are corrupted, even though i had just downloaded it again. i tested tombraider, wich started normally. i just really want to wipe off all data and start clean off, but i dont know how. i have tried the Media Creation tool too but i failed too. maybe you guys can tell me what kind of screenshots i should add here to give you more informations about what is wrong. i just dont understand how you can spend 1000 Euro + on a computer and the software just fails to work SO hard like this. i thought about waiting for an update, i had the same problem on the laptop i am writing once, and an update fixed my problem. then i was able to remove everything and now, at least here everything works normally. by the way, uplay is checking the data of for honor and then tries to install direct X then i got an bluescreen again. and i know that uplay is an piece of garbage, but i dont have anything else to test it on. greeting from germany, sorry for my grammar. i am just this close to getting a mental breakdown.