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  1. Will there be any bottleneck on a system with a gtx 1080ti and a ryzen 3 3300xwill it be better than an I7 4770?
  2. Looking for really good cpu for gtx 1070 with very low bottleneck under 70 available in UK right now, I've looked at the i3 9100f but that has 16 percent bottleneck acording to pc builds calculator. I don't have a move yet so ill choss based on ur reccomendations
  3. i cant find it anywhere unless for like 120 btw i live in the uk
  4. Whats the best cpu for gtx 1070 under $100, i havent bought a motherboard yet but ill buy one based on your answer, i also want a cpu that can handle fast ram and overclocking on ram, gpu and cpu ( depends on your answer ) used or new
  5. I have a gigabyte z370p d3 , two rgb ram sticks ( Jonsbo brand?) which are 4pin, an 6pin rgb fan controller which is controlled with a 4 pin rgb header, and a 10cm rgb strip will this all connect to my one mobo rgb header and can I use rgb fusion on all of these 4 pin devices? thanks in advance
  6. thanks a lot, how about the i3 7320 ( im gonna be playing fortnite and and rainbow 6)
  7. whats the best lga 1151 cpu under $100 that works well with rx 580 8gb and z170a gaming m5?
  8. specs: sapphire rx580 spec edition adata xpg z1 2400mhz (2x8) msi z170 a gaming m5 intel core i3 9100f integrator 500 im not sure if my mobo is compatible with the i3 9100f, if its not is there anyway to get passed it like a mod or something