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  1. you know any potential internet stutter fixes?
  2. Ok thanks for the help. I changed the fresh rate of the 2nd monitor back to its original hz as I overclocked it before. You think that would help?
  3. I've turned on G sync on main monitor and my 2nd monitor doesnt have any syncs. anyawy i can for "system could be trying to achieve the same hz and quality on both monitors"??
  4. Time to time I would microstutter for around 1-2 seconds while gaming and on desktop. Other players would also notice me just teleporting around. Ive tried : updating video card, sound cards use different display slots on graphics card use gpu on physx use 1 monitor on motherboard, 1 on gpu powershell commands on reddit nvidia settings on yt I believe heating isnt the issue as I have installed BurninTest and none of the hardware spiked during the 1-2 seconds of spike or prior to it. CLIPS: https://gyazo.com/eb459d054951142725db71357b092617 - r6 https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicAmazingPangolinEleGiggle - im blue outline - csgo https://youtu.be/SG-UUUPRYI4 - csgo SPECS 1080ti i7 7700k 16gs of ram 1 144hz, 1 60hz monitor - PS i believe stuttering started once I got the 2nd monitor and I've tried most solutions on YT Thanks for helping