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  1. I have figured out my issue with some help, turns out that my other devices using the same sata cable were sucking the power away from the hdd so that it wouldnt turn on properly. By letting the hdd have a dedicated power cable, it turns on from a cold boot like it should.
  2. it shows sata port chipset is enabled and also sata mode is set to AHCI. well i havent had an issue where a drive letter wasnt auto assigned.
  3. im assuming you are referring to the sata ports on the motherboard? pretty sure i mentioned i did already. but anyways yes i tried all the ports.
  4. I am having some issues with my hdd, or something thats causing it to not work. I have a WD Black 4tb hdd, it does not turn on when I boot my pc from shutdown, neither does the bios detect the drive, though windows detects it just fine, cant even initialize it. In order for it to turn on and be initialized normally to be usable, I have to unplug the power from the drive and plug it back in. once that happens, then you can hear the drive spinning and doing its click sounds. Once you do that it stays working even after a restart, but once it goes to sleep or shuts down, have to repeat the process over. I had a friend connect the hdd to his pc to see if he had any problems and it worked just fine, he ran it for a couple days and it works the way its supposed to. I thought it was the hdd and i RMA'd through 3 of them. So now that I know the hdd isnt the problem, because having 3 drives have the same issue is highly unlikely or just that unlucky, what other issue could it be? I have tried changing the sata ports on both the motherboard and the psu, I changed out the cables on the psu, and a different sata cable to the motherboard. I dont know what the issue could possibly be. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem may be and maybe even lead to a solution? please and thank you
  5. I am not really concerned to much about fps, i always thought thats more of a gpu/cpu thing rather than an hdd issue. If i had a choice id love to get a 4tb ssd, but the price point for one is not exactly ideal, which is why im going for an hdd.
  6. I may consider that toshiba 5th, I will take a look at these. out of curiosity, what makes you say that the drives aren't the problem?
  7. Apologies, I am located in the US, so am using US dollars
  8. As the title says, I am looking for an hdd recommendation. What I want mostly is 4tb of space to keep most of my games on and everything else like music, movies, etc, maybe 5 or 6tb if it stays within the price range. Would like it to have 256mb cache on it for my games, from what I understand it doesnt really affect gaming performance but rather load times, which is why i would like that much cache. 128mb cache will also be fine if 256mb makes it too expensive. Speaking of price, I am willing to spend around $150 on the drive. Also just to throw this out there, please do not suggest the wd black 4tb with 256mb cache, that drive is terrible, I went through 4 drives in a little over 1 month and they were all DOA, in order to make it usable, i had to unplug the sata power cable and plug it back in the drive for it to turn on properly every time i booted my pc. I have tried many things to fix it and tested everything just about, nothing works so no thanks on that one, dont think i can use another WD drive after that hellish experience. Im not too fond of seagate either since I had a couple of their external drives and both died inside of a year which wasnt pleasant. I dont know how reliable their drives are now but if they have improved since then, which was about 8 or so years ago btw, then i may give them another chance. Apologies for the rant there but if anyone has any recommendations, it would be most appreciated, thank you. edit:Just a note, in case you ask why not get an ssd if i want performance, I am already using an m.2 NVMe 1tb addlink s70, and i do have games installed that I want to have performance on. It's been very nice so far and no complaints.