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    AX vs AC

    Hi! I'm new to this platform so bare with me... I'm looking to upgrade to an AiMesh WiFi system for my family's house. I've gotten the general handle on how to install one and get it up and running, although I've run into a decision I just can't find enough reliable information and reliable experience to be able to answer. AX vs AC. We currently have Gigabit internet through cox and stream through multiple tvs. Though firestick is only AC compatible (or atleast the models we have). A few computers can only read AC though, whilst we have our smartphones and 2 desktops that are compatible with AX WiFi. The big question though is... is it more beneficial to set up an AX AiMesh system rather than an AC AiMesh system, will the AX WiFi provide just as-if not more WiFi capability for devices that can only read AC? Feel free to let me know! I look forward to the responses!