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  1. Do you have a link for that thermal paste(not amazon)? Yes all his parts worked on his new motherboard. I do not have a first gen chip, how do i get one from amd, can i during the midst of this covid 19 stuff? Thanks for the advice about coolers.
  2. before, it wasn't working so he had to take it apart for his new motherboard
  3. for 1080p 60hz on max settings, i would go for a 2070 super. This will push modern warfare and battlefield 5 at max settings 1080p60 and games that will be coming out in the future
  4. Extremely overkill, but i would do it anyway. If you ever want to upgrade to a 1440p, 144hz, this will push every game at that resolution on very high settings very well.
  5. to start off, the board is the biostar x370gt5. This board worked well for my friend for over a year until he realized his ddr4 was going at 1066MHz on ryzen. He tried to find an xmp option but it just didn't seem to be in the bios. After updating the bios to the latest one, he found it. The ram kit was some g.skill ram rated at 2133. He overclocked it to 2400 at 1.35V due to the ram having good cooling. The computer worked fine running intensive cpu and gpu tasks for his 1600 such as modern warfare and stress tests. He turned his pc off and in a few days he turned it on, except that didn't happen. Nothing appeared. The fans spun, rgb lit up, motherboard rgb lit up, but no signal. He troubleshooted by doing basic things like trying one stick of known good ram in different slots, putting the gpu in the bottom slot, reseating power connectors, clearing the cmos, but nothing worked. He recently ordered a tomahawk b450 max and gave me this motherboard. I want to test it but the socket is a little dirty, nothing appears to be wrong with it other than it is a bit dirty, but he hasn't removed the cpu or cpu cooler since he got it, so this was probably due to it sitting around for a few weeks. I also need to order some thermal paste since i just ran out. What thermal paste should i get that is high performing, and cheap (around $5 but i can do a little more)? What could possibly be the issue? Will using the dual bios feature fix this? The cpu i need to test the motherboard with is a ryzen 7 2700x. I dont know if the second bios supports that or if the bios update on the main one fixed that. When he was removing his AIO, the cpu came off with it. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong other than that the retention clip for the cpu is really easy to move and barely feels like it is in place. I don't think this is an issue but a few of his cpu pins did bend but bending them back fixed that for his tomahawk. Is the socket at fault here?
  6. stick with nvidia. My friend bought a 5700xt and it hasn't been working properly, there are still tons of bugs and a 2060 will be better in the end.
  7. I am not too familiar on this subject but try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, changing your dns server, or reinstalling windows
  8. So as the title says, i want to build a pc inside the xbox 360s. I know this could be possible, but it only appears that way if i used a mini itx board. The thing is, i have an xbox 360s and micro atx board lying around. I don't know if this would work though but after measuring the chasis i think i could fit it with some serious modding. My plan for this build is to game. I would really like a challenge like this where i could game on it as well afterwards. What i am thinking for the specs list: ASRock B450M HDV R4.0 Athlon 3000g 8GB DDR4 Low profile 1050 Xbox 360s chasis m..2 drive. This is all i have in mind right now, i haven't found any powersupply that i think would work, and I can't seem to find out how a external psu would work and where to get one. My budget for this is around $200. I already have the motherboard, 360s, can get the ram for really cheap from a friend. This leaves the 3000g, $50 i think, the 1050, I dont know what the price would be, and a 250gb sata m.2, $40-50. If this wouldn't work, i am willing to go with a 2400g or 3400g. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. On wireless I get about 300-350Mbps download but my upload is very slow in comparison, 12 Mbps. I do not have access to ethernet and am using an Xfinity router. Is there a fix to this? I saw on a bitwit video he was getting 120 download and 60 upload. Can I fix this?
  10. its abt 6 months old, i got the mobo long before the other parts cause it was on sale. I also dont have the box. can i still return it?
  11. wdym bios flashback @magicfuturealiens and also shorting the pins, which ones? I'm good with pcs but not with motherboards. I dont know much about the pins