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  1. Okay thts and it's the same price as the z390 one thanks!you saved me 4000(Rs) bucks overall?(not to mention the knowledge assurance upgradability and performance upgrades) !
  2. Sorry to ask too many questions ?but so by looking at the numbers x570 is the best of all right??
  3. Same here!I absolutely loved the ending of lelouch of the ressurrection even though I am an anime fan
  4. This is off topic but code Geass is one of my favorite anime
  5. Okay..what about b450?(sorry I don't know much about amd)
  6. Surely...well actually...I am going build a cheaper pc first(like the cheapest for browsing and stuff) coz my dad said its safer to first try with low end products...I don't know how to boot a monitor on integrated graphics...I mean if u don't have a gpu and you connect your monitor to motherboard will it work?
  7. You Sure are experienced.thanks And good night coz it's 2 am here?
  8. Yeaa ofc what else will happen when two xeons have less cores than a 3990x
  9. Yeaa 3700x has more features ...I will surely try to get tht one...which motherboard is best for it...can I buy the x450 version of this mobo as I need WiFi and aura sync is good too?
  10. Not at all amd is known as the budget cpu but 3900x is expensive just a shy of 2000rs with the current price of a 9900k
  11. That's current state but it's said to come in near future I read in right here at this forum Intel 7nm comes in 2021...