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  1. Btw thanks so much man you were really helpful, I am past the return date tho so I'll have to hope when I do more testing tomorrow that I could maybe just swap them and it'll be fin but yeah thanks for your help!
  2. Ok thx, but if they were working before my GPU we changed then why they stopped now?
  3. ok so I removed one stick and it's working perfectly but I swapped them and it wasn't working so it's seems to be the stick conflicting with the GPU or maybe the socket on the mobo.
  4. It did not work and this time it instantly crashed with error code, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  5. I don't know how to clear the cmos on this mobo, it's a Strix X-470 gaming-f. Would you know how? I'll still search it up though. I'm not super nerdy about PC's I just know a fair bit.
  6. Guys keep in mind this problem only started after I put the new GPU in so it's probably like conflicting or something but idk.
  7. Yup ram in 2 and 4 just as the manual suggests and I turned the ram back to 2133mhz like the person above said, that still didn't work.
  8. I built this pc like a month ago and newly installed windows then, I've set it to auto update and last I manually did it was as this issue was at its early stage.
  9. Ok so I tried it, it still crashed but with a new error code.
  10. Why could it be a ram issue, I'll try it but would like to know for the future.
  11. I updated the BIOS, but I haven't removed all drivers, just updated them. I was just hoping there would be a better solution to it than remove it all.
  12. I'm really confused. So I have built my rig ( Ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB Corsair Ram, ASUS Strix X-470 gaming f Mobo, 550 watt gold certified Corsair PSU ) but was waiting for the GPU to arrive so I put an old card in (a Gtx 1050ti) and it was running pretty well ( I only have 2 1080p 60hz monitors so performance was great ) except for some bottle necking. Anyway the new card arrives ( Gigabyte RTX 2060 super gaming OC 8G ) and it works for say a few weeks, then I start getting problems. It keeps crashing often with the "blue screen" and an error code. This gets more frequent to the point now where it will only work for about 2 mins before stopping. Almost every error code is one saying it's a driver is sure so I checked all my drivers and updated everything. Still crashing. I reseated the graphics card and checked all the wiring. Next I thought about power so I did a PSU calculater and I was under my 550 W max. I have filled all the power inputs it has ( 8 pin connector ). The worst that happened was the BIOS crashed once which is bad! But nothing worse than that. I just can't figure it out! Anyone else suggest anything I can do to test? I sold that old GPU but still might have a REALLY old one. I'm open to everything. Posted pictures of a few error code screens and the pc. (Drivers on a 1T Internal SSD) , Thanks.