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  1. Will this be able to work? You can use software to adjust the controller? Will it be able to bypass my motherboard limitations? or do you REALLY need a supported motherboard?
  2. Can you send me an image of the device so i can youtube?
  3. Crap haha This new RGB things is confusing. Why do you have to buy specific hardware just to have a lighting feature to work. Even if the motherboard is not supported BUT your fans are but cause the motherboard doesn't support it nothing will work. Can't you just control the fans separately from the motherboard? I know you can use like a controller but then its a remote and have to use there custom profiles built in and can't customize it via software..All this headache just cause you're motherboard doesn't support it and you cant do anything unless it supports it hahaha. Thanks man appreciate it ?
  4. Thank you. When I'm in front of my desktop PC i will have a look again. Fusion shows a motherboard (Template) but i tried clicking on it but all is greyed out and can't click anything... Maybe motherboard is not supported by the fusion? haha
  5. HI Guys, Looking for some help I'm new to the LinusTechTips forums. I build a new rig and need some help with RGB for it, My specs are below. GA-Z390-GAMING-X (Gigabyte) Core i5 9gen 16Gig DDR4 2600 TRANSCEND ASUS DUAL RTX 2060 OC 6Gig COOLER MASTER,MASTERCASE H500 (MCM-H500-IGNN-S00) Coolermaster, Masterfan SF120R RGB I'm struggling a bit with the RGB fans. Gigabyte has Fusion. The software however is not picking up my motherboard which has an RGB pin and lights and technically supports fusion software BUT it doesn't pickup my RGB fans from Coolermaster, however. If i use an app called "Ambient LED" it works but you can only control ALL the fans RGB at the same time and not create custom profiles. I heard Gigabyte has some problems with using ASUS/COOLER MASTER/... RGB fans is that true or.. I'm at a loss. Any help will be appreciated. R.