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  1. Yes, I have reset it's settings and not using it anymore. I guess with 2080 Max-Q Design the thermals are pretty good. Intel XTU was not working too. It was giving something certificate error. Added it to Defender as well but same issue.
  2. I undervolted CPU & CPU Cache both to -50.8 and run Apex Legends game. The game was getting stuck and I can't play it. Then I reset the under-volt and stopped it then tired the game again now it was working fine. After running for 10-15 min the temps were as below. At this time I was not using any cooling pad.
  3. Before doing above settings, I noticed that I left laptop for some period and came back and it's was turned off. I have set the power options to 'never' but don't know why it got off.
  4. Okay, I have set both on -50.8. If I don't do any other change it will be good? How can I test run these settings? Was trying to install Intel XTU but it's giving me error so I switched to this software.
  5. I tried to install Intel XTU but it's not working. Just give an error "XTU signature validation failed". I don't know how to use ThrottleStop. Can any guide me how to use it or can solve the error of Intel XTU. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can you recommend settings for undervolting? I'm new to this thing.
  7. Hello there, I would like to know if I don't undervolt i9-9880H would it be an issue. My laptop specs are 5VY11AV-7 NEW HP Omen 15T Core i9-9880H 16GB 1TB+512GB SSD NO ODD 15.6" 240Hz WIN 10H Webcam FHD (1920x1080)/NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB/ENG. KB I play apex legends and do design work with development. No video rendering so far but have plans to learn it soon.