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  1. And the treshold temp being the temp of the mainboard? Can I see this somewhere in the bios?
  2. I have not checked the temp yet. I just noticed that my fan wasn't spinning. I will check tonight and let you know. I do have an m2 SSD installed, and I have a rather big GPU so that it overlaps the chipset fan a little bit. How important is this chipset fan anyways, If it doesn't seem to be spinning that much?
  3. Hey fellow techies! Yesterday I've finished my sick new build. Everything works fine, only I have noticed that the chipset-fan of my ASUS ROG-Strix-X570-F mainboard does not seem to be spinning! I've also noticed that there is a "M2_fan connector" on my mainboard (See In the manual, page 31). I have no connections to this connector, because I just assumed that a fan directly on the mainboard wouldn't need to be connected. Do I need to connect something to get the mainboard chipset fan to spin? And why is there a M2_fan connector on the mainboard anyways? Given the layout of the mainboard, I would not know where to place an extra fan to cool the M2 SSD's, because they are under a heatsink anyways. Kindest regards, Yme