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  1. Yessir, the thing is which is wrong and right
  2. Hello, good afternoon. I've just upgraded from 3570 to 4790k along with the H97M-E motherboard as I only have a M-ATX casing. It was one week ago that I upgraded it, since then I'm already receiving the high temp on the motherboard but never took it too seriously untill now. It was already 120 Celcius right after I installed it however in the ASUS bios it's only showing 41 celcius same as ASUS AI Suite 3. But in Speccy, HWmonitor, HWinfo, Speedfan they are all saying it's 120 celcius. And speedfan says that the main motherboard is 41 celcius same as ASUS bios and Suite 3. I got the motherboard second hand, not sure if it's because of that Thank you in advance and any helps are appreciated