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  1. idk i gave it to my dad and he took it to his company and they said they´re dead
  2. has anyone done a sucessfull vrm swap on a laptop my old laptop died due to vrm failure there is no power running to the mainboard
  3. Under the desk: amd Ryzen 7 "1700" 4GHZ OC 16GbB of Patriot Viper DDR4 120Gb kingston sata m.2 480GB cruicial Bx500 1000gb toshiba harddrive msi b450 m-pro-VDH thermaltake smart rgb 500w PSU Msi Armor rx570 8GB (bios mod to rx 580) coolermaster masterbox lite 5 coolermaster masterliquid 120 (single fan) On top of the Desk Lots of trash (sry I´m living on 4,5 square meters or around 48 square feet) apple cinema display 20" (freakin love this thing) 2 super cheap montors i got for 3 bux razer deathedder elite razer chroma mousepad havit magic eagle series mechanical keyboard (blue switches) an ashtray(jklol)