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    East Hill - Jaskon


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asrock B450M-HDV
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4-3200
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    Gigabyte Radeon RX-570 Gaming 4g
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    Coolermaster Masterbox NR-400
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    Sabrent Rocket 256GB NVME SSD
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    Corsair CXM-550 W
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  1. I see, thank you. I wasn't sure if my current 550w PSU would run a Ryzen 5 3600 and a 2070 Super but if there are tools to calculate how much I'll need, I'll definitely check it out.
  2. I have the exact same Gigabyte RX570 4g model that you are contemplating. In my opinion, as an RX570 user, I would go for the 1650 super. It has a lower TDP with a higher base and boost clock, as well as 4gb of GDDR6 instead of GDDR5 like the RX570.
  3. I currently run an old 4gb RX570 and try to keep up to date on driver installations. After the whole virus situation calms down I was planning on a complete upgrade to my system including a new CPU, Board, Case, and GPU (because despite having built my system only a year ago, it's made entirely with components from multiple generations ago and is starting to get on my nerves with how much I'm missing out on). The GPU I chose to upgrade to was the EVGA RTX 2070Super Black edition. As I understand it, It's normally a good idea to uninstall display drivers before switching out graphics cards, even of the same manufacturer. I heard some good things about DDU for this purpose? What I'm asking is whether there's any other preparation or aftercare I need to do in order to quickly and efficiently make the switch between GPUs, from measuring my whether my power supply will work to benchmarking to make sure my new card isn't underperforming, I wanna do everything I can do make the best transition possible. Thanks.
  4. The thing is, yes my current GPU is fine for playing games on my current monitor, but I recently got a VR headset and whenever I try to play it, my GPU memory and utilization caps out and It ends up a stuttery mess. He's a friend on discord known to have lots of tech experience. I reached out to him and he said that while my VR troubles would most likely be solved by a better GPU, I would essentially be buying a new GPU purely for VR because my monitor is bad, which made me nervous. I don't wanna buy an expensive new card and only end up using it to its full potential in VR.
  5. Dunno if this helps but on amazon it's only $85 https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Processor-Wraith-Stealth-Cooler/dp/B07XTQZJ28/ref=sr_1_1=8-1
  6. I 2/3 agree with this list but would switch out the 2600 for a 1600AF, since it's a large price difference for a very small performance difference. Other than that it looks golden. Edit: it occurred to me that PCPartpicker doesn't list the 1600AF for some reason,
  7. A friend of mine and I have been going back and forth about me buying a new graphics card. It eventually came up in conversation that I currently run a 4gb RX570 and an insignia 1920x1080 59hz TV as my main output because it's the only monitor I have that has multiple HDMI inputs for both my console and PC. He jokingly put on this theatrical disgusted voice and basically said that I would have to upgrade my monitor before I even thought about getting a new GPU since the upgraded performance would just be wasted on my TV (I was thinking of a 1070 or 5700XT, haven't decided yet) He had me run some testes and concluded that my TV had ~50ms of input lag that I barely noticed to be honest. He insisted on this big $160 monitor and switching from HDMI to displayport to remedy my supposed "issues." Frankly I don't know whether or not to take him seriously because he's also the person who said I needed to upgrade my $60 board because running a $200 CPU and $300 GPU would make it catch on fire. No idea whether or not anything he says is true, so basically I wanna know if it's actually a good idea for the sake of performance to upgrade my monitor before my GPU. Thanks.
  8. I used to have issues like the ones mentioned. Turns out I either had faulty ram or a brand/speed that was poorly supported by my board. Switched from Ripjaws V 2666 to Ballistix 3200 and haven't had a problem since. Maybe check your board manufacturer's website for a memory compatibility sheet?
  9. I'd say some of the monitoring programs mentioned in this video: Free Programs That EVERY PC should have
  10. Before my whole plan was so rudely interrupted by a friendly little pandemic happening outside, I was in the middle of concocting a sort of daisy-chain like plan to upgrade my computer. I saved up enough to buy a new cpu, then I would sell my old cpu and use that money to buy a new board, then sell my old board and use that money to upgrade my GPU, so on so forth. Unfortunately, I mainly sold my old parts on craigslist, but nobody wants to buy my stuff in person because of the quarantine. I still want to continue with my plan of fully upgrading my system before summer, so I'm looking for ways to still be able to sell my used hardware without having to meet up in person. I don't really like shipping stuff but it seems like the only way. Be it ebay, Mercari (I think that's how it's spelled?) or something similar, if it's gonna help me sell my stuff I'd love to hear recommendations.Thanks.
  11. Been using a 4gb RX570 for a while now, and have had some trouble running games and rendering video projects at the speeds/settings I'm looking for. I took some recommendations from a few friends and got mixed results. One friend is selling his old EVGA GTX 1070 SC for $160 and others have told me I should buy it from him. Other AMD-based friends have said it would be better to just save up and buy a 5700XT. What I'm wondering is whether the performance gain that the 5700XT has over the 1070SC worth the $240 price difference? Are there other great price-to-performance cards I should be looking at? Any help is appreciated.
  12. p1.10. Standard version that the board shipped with. Trying to update to p3.30.
  13. I need to update my ASRock B450M-HDV bios to be able to use my new Ryzen 5 3600. But, on the install page for asrock's bios updates, it says that 'asrock does not recommend updating this bios if Pinnacle, Raven, summit, or Bristol ridge CPU is being used in your system' This is a problem because my current CPU is from Raven ridge, one of the ones that isn't recommended. Is there any real reason I shouldn't be able to update my bios with my current CPU and then switch to my new one?
  14. When I first built this desktop, I paid full price for an official retail windows 10 license. I've heard online that there's a chance that when you switch out parts in your system, windows will recognize that your parts are different and disable your windows license. I was told that making a Microsoft account with the license tied to it is a solution but I'd honestly rather die than do that so I was planning on unbinding the license key and rebinding it after the upgrade. Is this a viable solution?
  15. I currently rock a 4gb RX570. A friend is selling his old 8gb 1070 for $160, which is $30 less than I spent for my current card. After selling my current card, it would end up being about a hundred dollar upgrade. Is the performance bonus worth that price difference? Thanks