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  1. Awesome suggestions The node case looks about right. Both think the AMD stock cooler is ok or should I look into the Noctua cooler. Again It's all about being quiet. Seriously I appreciate the time Thank you
  2. I want to build a system that is small but strong enough to handle 2 screens running StreetsmartEdge plus multiple tabs open running news feeds and social feeds. Schwab suggests Intel Core i7 or AMD FX8150 or higher plus 1 gb video card. 4Gb Ram. Just for their platform. I know when I'm trading on my Imac i'm using 16-18GB Ram. I have watched a ton of game builds From Linus and two or three other popular builders on Youtube. I wonder if it is possible to build something small quiet and robust. My first thought was something along the size of a NUC or slightly bigger. I should add monitors 2560x1440 most likely Some questions I have.... Power supply what is the rule just enough power for demand or like a % more than needed? Graphics cards not gaming but will be running lots of graphs what should I look for besides GB (my Mac has a Radeon Pro 8GB) just for comparison I like AMD but I have no allegiance I just want something I can use and it works. Obviously its a work computer so no interest in RGB's or water cooling. I don't think I will need to be over clocking it either. Anyways thanks for any input or advice.