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  1. Yes and in SA that support is far worse cause our carriers first add their rubbish to the update before they roll out an update or if they just don't care to share the update, A friend of mine only received Android 10 with 1 UI last week for his S8. While the update was available for months around the world.
  2. Thanks I was going to say the exact same thing. Tbh I didn't even know that LG and Sony were still in the smartphone space in SA cause it's not even marketed.
  3. Thanks for your input guys. Just as a side note so you can understand the struggle. In South Africa there is no Apple store per say as all Apple devices are sold via resellers. The most popular being iStore. Just to give you an idea of pricing, from this store a iPhone 11 Pro Max 64gb which is roughly $1100 in the USA costs about $1600 in SA. And the absolute horrible pricing doesn't stop there for apple. Samsung also hates us as the new s20 Plus is about $1450 in SA.
  4. Preowned authorised apple phones is not really a thing in South Africa. My buddy has a short stay in the USA so I doubt he'll be able to score a preowned device.
  5. Yes the reselling idea also crossed my mind given that Samsung Galaxy phones value depreciate like crazy compared to apple
  6. So this is going to be a noob question for a lot of you here but here's my issue: My laptop has on average 35% CPU usage from Service Host: Network Service and it really is annoying cause it causes the fans to ramp up at times when it needs to be quiet (while I'm in the Library at University). I read online it may be looking for an Update for Windows but I paused all updates for Windows for 7 days yet it still occurs. Any help or tips will help greatly. Thanks
  7. I'm currently indifferent to OS as I have had both Android and iOS in the past. I just never had the latest of either in the past 2/3 years so I'm not sure which device has improved the most since then and looking at them in a store doesn't give a personal account of the device compared to someone who owned it (S20 just got released but a Note 10 would be sufficiently comparable). Given the exchange rate some of the phones you guys have at the 500€ mark is more like 850€ here. The only phone that maintains relative normal pricing is Samsung and as for Apple I can get one from USA because a buddy will bring it so the cost is comparable. With regards to other android phones mentioned OnePlus doesn't not Operate in South Africa and even if I was able to source one I would get no warranty or cell phone insurance (Insurance company will only insure android phones that have an office in SA). With regards to Xiaomi and Huawei etc their skins on Android is not to my liking and I'm a bit paranoid with those companies. FYI Google Pixel devices are also not available in SA and the insurance issue.
  8. I'm looking at my next upgrade to be a Samsung s20 Plus or the iPhone Pro Max. I don't want the ultra because in all honesty I don't use my phone camera that often and I don't have 5G in South Africa. I want to know from you guys what you think?