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  1. How do i do that? I have set the best performance from the battery panel. is there any other way?
  2. While gaming on my laptop, not when its plugged, I tend to face game lags in between playing for around 5-6 seconds and also this occurs in intervals of 5-8mins. is something wrong with nvidia settings ? why am i facing such issues? Graphics Card: GTX 1650 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with 2GB Vega8 graphics 8GB RAM HP Pavilion gaming 15-ec0027ax
  3. the benchmark that comes with games.............such as ghost recon wildlands
  4. when I run bench mark test, its showing as 6GB RAM instead of 8 and the graphic memory is 4gb only. My problem is with RAM! i dont want to play on 6gb RAM. I want the games to use 8gb RAM i dont want vega graphics to lock my 2gb of RAM
  5. hp pavilion gaming 15 ec0027ax and I am really sorry for not being clear with my query!
  6. even HP has locked the bios! is there any way to unlock the bios? because I dont want my games to run on 6gb RAM!!!!
  7. Why is NVIDIA recognizing only 6gb RAM, when I have a 8gb RAM (2*4 gb)dual channel 2666 Mhz ram. How to access my full ram because all my games are detecting only 6gb RAM, due to which i am not getting performance and good fps at higher graphical levels. My Graphic card is GTX 1650
  8. I actually dont know about Gaming Laptops working. So i hv no option other plug in and play? wont if affect the battery
  9. thanks for the help I hv put the details of my laptop too in the Image its HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ecc027ax and comes with GTX 1650
  10. is there anyway that i can overcome this battery thing? If I want to play while on Travelling, then I cannot look for a plugpoint How did you understand that 2.1 gb RAM is reserved for GPU and its for NVIDIA or AMD?
  11. As you can see I have 8gb memory I dont Understand why my 2gb RAM has been reserved and Display is connected to AMD integrated graphics when I want max performance and quality from the game And also why am I getting only good fps when plugged in for charging only? Please help me out, I want to get good FPS while not plugged in. and also explain about the RAM Thing. Share a solution asap I am ready to try anything!!!!!!