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  1. Alright so I recently decided to give a $300 PC a try besides the GPU. This is Australian dollar btw, I am currently running an Intel Pentium gold 3.7ghz it's a 5400 or something with 8gb of ram and a GTX 950. Now for gaming I am pretty sure it's running at peak performance, I have over-clocked and so far everything I have thrown at it has run at a smooth 60fps (ranging from fortnite and apex being lowish settings, gta v on high-ultra and call of duty and borderlands on ultra) My problem is that even though it does its job doing simple windows tasks like opening my documents or launching an app takes longer than you would expect. Could this be due to the slow processor with the 950 or have I done something wrong with my settings. I am running 2 laptop HDDs 1tb and 500gb but they have good write speeds (I couldn't afford an SSD or anything at the time of the build) I also have problems with GTA and a couple other games where a 3d image like a tree or car will turn red for a second. GPU is over-clocked but it's quite new the fan is on max but still isn't too loud and my temps aren't an issue