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  1. ngl you end every post with "..." and it's really bugging my brain
  2. Yeah, I might do that if I can get a decent deal on the power supply, but I'm trying to give them 80+gold and some wattage headroom to upgrade the GPU later, and prices still aren't great for PSUs
  3. Thanks! I actually have one friend looking for just gaming, and one who's starting animation&modeling classes next semester, so looks like I'll build one of each. Appreciate the breakdown!
  4. that's not really a relevant answer.... I'm looking for advice on the part selection, not a compatibility checker, I'm already using that
  5. Since the R3 3300x is available just about nowhere, is it worth it to pay $110-$120 for a R3 3100 instead? I'm putting together 2 low-budget systems for a couple of buddies, and I'd hoped to get them the 3300x, but it's ofc never available. I don't know too much about how to shop for cheap on the intel side, so if anyone has some tips on that I'd be very grateful!
  6. I appreciate it! I'm mostly going to use it for Overwatch, that's my main game these days, so if IPS is needed for curve to look good, I'll probably just stick to a flat TN panel for the response time.
  7. Ok, that makes sense. I'll try to see one in person first then, thanks! saved me a 2am google, my man, you're a hero
  8. Well, I totally missed the k processor mixed with the B365. Good catch, @TheDailyProcrastinator
  9. Like I said, 1440p @ 144Hz is my goal, and then I'll have a 1080p75Hz on both sides of it. I'm also planning on upgrading my gpu around the end of the year, once both brands new cards are out and a little tuned up
  10. This is a pretty solid list, a pretty good mix for value/performance! I do have 3 suggestions: -You can definitely get an NVME ssd in your price range without losing any value/storage, like this one It's a couple of extra bucks, but you get a nice speed bump and its easier to install - just my preference -Liquid cooling an i5 isn't really going to grant you a big bump, you could do just as well with this air cooler here. Making that swap could let you upgrade to a 1660TI and get a bit more power -Your case only has one included fan, and if you end up looking for more, Deep cool sells this set in a 5pack or as a 3 pack, both kits come with a nice fan splitter and the RGB daisy chain together. Other than that, if you think you'll ever want to do multi-threaded workloads, consider Ryzen Good list dude, and good luck!
  11. Gotcha, but does the same apply to 27'? That's the size I'm probably going for, so I don't have to buy a new mount
  12. I'm considering going for a curved monitor at the center of my 3-monitor setup later this month, because my friend told me that you can experience wider FOV's in games more easily. My other friend warned me that there'd be an adjustment period switching to a curved monitor I'm wondering if these are true, and I'm open to reccomendations (looking for 1440p / 144Hz w/ freesynch)
  13. That's kind of what I was looking for, but whenever you type any combination of "cache" with ''nvme" or "ssd", searches just bring up endless pages about how to use NVME as a cache for NAS. Do you know where I could find something like that?