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  1. Similar. But I'm looking for a hub I can control with software (such as aura) without having to plug into an rgb header on the motherboard
  2. I'm new to the rgb game an just bought an AIO with 2 ARGB fans and upon arrival I discovered that to control the rgb I am required to plug into a 4-pin (5v, ground) connector. The attached image is what the rgb connector from the fans looks like. I am wondering if there is a way I can buy an rgb hub to plug these connectors into and then plug that hub into the motherboard via USB so I can use an rgb software. From what I found, such hubs exist but you have to connect them into a 4 pin rgb header to make the addressable rgb work. Any help/links would be greatly appreciated The fans are silverstone 120mm ARGB OEM fans Mobo is prime H270-plus
  3. Ah didn't think of going from usb 3 to usb-c. Awesome thanks so much
  4. Thanks but I'm after a usb-c female connector
  5. Hey I just got a new pair of AKG headphones with the samsung galaxy and unfortunately they connect straight to usb-c. I want a way to plug these earphones into other sources besides my phone (such as my pc) but I'm not able to find an adapter that goes from female usb-c to male 3.5mm jack. Anyone able to help?
  6. I have an existing version of windows and I am wondering if I can atain the product key but then completely wipe my drive containing windows but reinstall windows of USB then use the same product key to activate.
  7. I just bought the tp-link archer TX3000E (not cheap) and plugged it all in and installed the drivers and it was all working well. But, as I was playing some rocket league, I got disconnected. I thought it might be a once off but it has happened consistently and I've tried reinstalling the drivers, restarting my computer, changing power settings for the network card but nothing has seemed to work. I think my connection to the internet should be fine considering im in the room right next to where my modem is situated. It's also worth noting I'm on a 2.4GHz network band Any help would be appreciated thank you
  8. Right okay. Is it worth ugrading the CPU as well then?
  9. Hi. I'm looking for a motherboard with LGA 1155 socket around the $100-$150AUD (~$66-$100USD) price range. Idealy it has PCIe 3.0 as is of ATX form factor. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advanced