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  1. Hi, This may sound a bit weird and semi-bizarre but i'm hoping to start a process of VHS to DVD for my families VHS tapes. at the moment i have the Converter on the way already but i'm hoping to do a Super VHS Cassette player for the playback and was wondering, to those who may specialize in that here, if it's possible to play back VHS Tapes on a S-VHS player i know you can't do it the other way around due to the higher quality but i just want to make sure before i go and get something i won't need.
  2. I've already suggested it to my Dad. hes willing to go ahead with it as it is his computer.
  3. Sir0Tek, I've already used a power supply test tool to confirm that the power supply isnt the issue. instead the Mobo just won't power on in any sense. No futher builds will be happening with aorus due to such shotty manufacturing. There is no HDD in the system to speak of only SSDs
  4. HI, So as the title said i build my family a new Mini ITX Rig with the Aorus B450 I Wifi Mobo about 2 weeks or so ago and now the thing isn't even posting. power stil gets to the LED on the Case just fine but thats it. no fan spinning or any lights on the motherboard to speak of. its almost like aorus did a shotty manufacturing job. i've seen other instances of this and it has me a bit worried, is there a way to fix this or am i going to have to toss that POS and grab an asus b450 Board instead? Also heres the parts list if you need it. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/8D6scf