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    female orifice, Horsepower, Electronic Arts etc
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    Just a local ass hole. Friendly and well meaning, but a groovy ole Sphincter nonetheless. Cheers! :D
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    The Sphincter builds hot rod cars.

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  1. A Movie by Frank Zappa entitled 200 Motels. Out of the people I've shown it to only a buddy of mine who is a zappa fan seemed to maintain interest.
  2. Tailgaters. sometimes it can be warranted. but when im doing 45 in a 25 and someone is so far up my ass I can't see their headlights behind my tailgate I tend to get pissed.
  3. I use chemical guys products as well. great results once the surface is free of 3000 grit or coarser scratches.
  4. doesn't bother me on anyone's channel. If it's relative to the content, all the more reason imo. the fact that the "Group" part of LMG partakes in these tn's is proof that it's not selfish, and I say Cheers to them too! ?
  5. I also use these sources... summitracing.com jegs.com speedwaymotors.com pitstopusa.com ntwonline.com 4wheelparts.com
  6. I'm so booked with work I don't even go to trade shows anymore to show products. Never been to a world of wheels myself. I used to go to events by Right Coast and the National Street Rod Association.
  7. prices are better on amazon. If I need something in a hurry I call napa. no bologna and free driver delivery. I have a local autozone, went there for some random universal brake line fittings and their selection was horribly lacking.
  8. I believe Wilder would have to show improvement, before a rematch is even warranted, so in that regard I agree. I definitely would not pay for an immediate rematch as there's no reason. There's basically nothing left for Fury to beat, I don't feel Joshua has a chance. Not sure I would pay for that PPV either. I had reasonable expectations for Wilder to improve his game, and he bluntly failed at that. Just because I was routing for Wilder doesn't mean I didn't like Fury. Just to clarify for you, GreatnessRD
  9. now that i'm 32 i don't do well with less than 6 hours sleep, but when I occasionally sleep late on sunday, it's like coming out of a coma. lol ofcourse 7 flavor and alcohol rich brewskies, a long fight card(boxing) and a 1AM episode of the Greg Gutfeld show probably adds to that coma feeling by morning. ? all that said I believe oversleeping can cause you to feel more tired when you do decide to uplift. This opinion based on times where I didn't drink as much.
  10. I was hoping Wilder would win. The fight was thoroughly dominated by Tyson Fury. All respect for him, the Gypsy King is for real. I was expecting to see more movement from Wilder. He did bring an improved double pump jab, but I was disappointed, as I didn't see much more of a boxing improvement. Power ofc only useful if you can land it. ofc the talk of a rematch is already happening, but honestly I think Wilder should consider a couple of tune-up fights first, along with a better emphasis on ring generalship. He'll have to get them in fast b/c Fury is planning to retire soon, he has said, but he's up for the rematch.
  11. it's a bit off-topic, but when I go to get my blood taken for routine physical... Im bold, dont care, think nothing of it, look down as the nurse jabs the needle, in see the blood come out no bigge.... (ya know, all balls) then a few seconds into it, I get super woozy, start sweating profusely and have to go lay down for a like 5-10 min. yet everyone else having this done just walks out like nothing happened. I'll never understand it, it's like my body can tell I just lost a few ounces of blood, and goes into defcon4 its weird af. ? but ya pricking the finger... small potatoes compared to not knowing your blood sugar status if you're body is sensitive to it.
  12. heres an ancient one worth a gander ? So many sweet screenshots above, I enjoyed NFSMW (latter version) great driving experience.
  13. I listed many of mine in my introduction, here one I didn't ? http://www.newage-motorsports.com/chrisnam/me/trains/tree.mpg