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  1. Lool the gpu is so heavy I had to throw something in there for now. Yea there’s tons of air flow. My water temp has never gone above 25c and the gpu runs around 49c while gaming so there’s no issues there. It’s just that small spike for 10 seconds or so. I know i9’s can run hotter than most and it’s within max by a long shot. I just don’t know much about normal gaming pc behaviour
  2. I just built my first pc about a month ago are these temps ok for the i9 9900k? Just looking for piece of mind while I’m gaming. -corsair 680x -msi ace meg motherboard - i9 9900k -Corsair h100i in push pull top exhaust - cleaned and re applied paste with Kryonaut -64gb Corsair vengeance ram 3200 -2 1tb 970 evo plus m.2 ssd running in raid (system files) -Seagate 1tb Ssd for games -Corsair rm850x power supply - 2080ti ftw3 ultra so I’ve been learning more about cpu overclocking and got mine stable at 5ghz fixed with 1.3v override mode llc 2 (msi) AVX -3. I’m getting 30- 35c idle and 55-60c modern warefare 240p FPS medium settings for 1080p. I noticed that a times it will spike between 75-80c for 10 seconds or so then drop back down to normal. Usually when switching screens loading into matches. Everything runs smooth Am I good to go? Any advice on my settings would also be appreciated.