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  1. I will also make sure what happens if I fix it by the end so if this happens to anyone else they can fix it
  2. I have work tomorrow at 8:30 and I have to get some sleep Windows should be done downloading and I’m going to be using a different email and ect to make sure it wasn’t any malware that was maybe slowing down my computer I’ll let you know what happens by tomorrow thanks for all the help it was very much appreciated ??
  3. No blue screen no crashes no shutdowns only bad gameplay
  4. I’ve just done a clean instal of windows so hopefully will maybe just fix by just that PRAY??????????
  5. I believe it could be that because it a crazy amount of stuttering and micro stutters but they both do get registered in my system so it could and could not be
  6. No I DONT have the MSI gaming app the only thing I have is the MSI lighting so I could change the effects
  7. I have not tried that and that is such a great idea
  8. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-Z390-GAMING-PRO-CARBON msi Mpg z390 gaming pro carbon
  9. I’ve also check if maybe it was becuase ray tracing was enable but it happens in many different games in apex legends I get the FPS I’m supposed to get but I get a lot of micro stutters and big stutters which is something that also happens in Minecraft and gta 5
  10. My temps are amazing ingame my cpu would be full clock and run at 35c and my GPU at 50 I’ve even tried funmark to see if my temps where the problem but they would stay cool with no stuttering but ingame it’s horrible like I’m using a 1050
  11. My build is very clean and organized I made sure that not even a single wire is un plugged and ect the only problem it’s this and it very huge I have a strong feeling that when my psu was broken it would send strong spike of power and it mightve hurt the cpu and the GPU together which would be the worse case scenario
  12. Okay thank god for letting me know that because if it would be that it would definitely be me having to replace the GPU
  13. I’m mostly trying to pin down the part that maybe broken or the software that maybe is messing up
  14. It’s not ? it would very hard for me to get another one especially since all my friends still play ps4 I could buy a new one and return it back but it Would take me a while but what do you think about the pictures I uploaded are they considered artifacts becuase that only happens when I don’t turn on MSAA