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  1. This comfirm what you thought? Just got some time to take the cooler off and midplate (I think thats what its called?) Thought people would be interested. Check out the damage!
  2. Can't really afford to replace the GPU at the moment. Will start saving. Could use one from my flatmates desktop and see if the system runs smoothly. Think theres any chance of that getting damaged? Really don't think it had anything to do with the PSU, but i guess you never iknow? Also, thanks for the tip. Have reinstalled the ram
  3. I don't think it has anything to do with the PSU cables. cant see any damage on them at all. The system seems to boot okay without the card in. Yeah, I totally agree. Does not at all seem worth the risk to use this card again. Even if it could in theory be fixed. Totally shocked it actually set on fire!
  4. Guys... What do I do?! Long time viewer, first time community member. My graphics card just set on fire. Its an old HIS 7950 iceQ, gets used fairly regularly on and off, but I've been away for work for 4 months. Got back the other day and playing some games for a few hours with 0 issues. Turned it on today and started playing, within about 30 mins it started boot looping. Thought I could smell a slight burnt plastic smell. Opened it up and tried turning it on again... this is what happened:: https://youtu.be/ToXuJhc0_Ag Absolutely terrifying! So glad I caught it before leaving the room. Could have burnt my flat down! It was just continuously boot looping and setting on fire! Where do I go from here? Clearly I need to get rid of the graphics card. The rest of the system seems to boot from onboard graphics, but how can I tell if its safe/not damage in anyway?