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  1. Back in ye olde days this was handled automatically, or you had to go into some deep settings to make sure your phone didn't MMS itself (*cough* sprint) but now it seems to be universally handled by adding your own phone number to a setting in the messaging app. I recently downloaded the google messages app so I could enable advanced features for wifi messaging, and the app actually prompted me for my own number when I first opened it. This worked for a while, but now it's like it just switched off, and it keeps deleting my phone number and recreating these self-referencing groups. Anybody else have experience with this?
  2. The locking docks Just made everything cleaner looking. A dock with a cable doesn't do much for tidying up the desk, and I can see people going to pick up their laptop without unplugging the thunderbolt dock and yanking everything with it.
  3. This is a strange story to be sure. My mom went to India a couple moths ago for a funeral. Stupid, I know, but she managed to get a repatriation flight back and was COVID-19 free after two weeks of self quarantine. Anyways, when she returned she said that her laptop couldn't hold a charge anymore. I checked, and her power supply is automatically switching between voltages and frequencies. What I can surmise is that the dirty wall power in India may have fried her battery and maybe power supply. She said that power outages were extremely common, and that most houses there have generators to run things when the power goes out for too long. She also said that the outlets would spark badly when inserting or removing electronics. This whole thing got me thinking, are there power cleaners for single electronics? I don't know how large it would have to be, but I was thinking something along the lines of a UPS but for a single device, using a high capacity capacitor and insulated connectors to stop sparking. It would be worthwhile I think, for the purpose of saving electronics.
  4. My mom asked me to find a new laptop for her for work, and my first thought was to get her a lenovo with a dock so she can connect all of her peripherals (charger, external storage, monitor, printer, keyboard/mouse) in one go, but all of the lenovo docks I find only support older models, with the newest only having 8th gen intel processors. I always liked the Lenovo docks for work, because it lets you be mobile and still have a nice clean desk when you put your laptop down on it. The USB-C docks just aren't the same. Does anybody have any evidence to the contrary?
  5. That's actually really interesting. I didn't manage to find this info when I had my problem, but I can definitely believe it. I don't remember having GEFORCE Experience installed though, as I didn't want to deal with the notifications and overhead.
  6. I've noticed huge ping spikes on my network recently. I first noticed it in games, but a quick check on gameserverping.com and running a continuous ping to google shows that It happens to every connection. It even happens when between my PC and my router. Everything will be fine and then I'll get about a full second of ping all at once, and then it's gone (on cmd this causes a timeout). I have a netgear orbi AC modem/router with a single AC satelite. Both are up to date and don't show any errors. my network adapter is the one that came with my Asus motherboard: Realtek 8822BE WLAN 802.11 AC PCI-E NIC Does anybody have any advice? this is making online games unplayable. Thank you in advance.
  7. Update: so I realized that it may have something to do with UI scaling. I had windows set to 150% and I guess outer planets saw that and tried to implement it. Unfortunately, at 100% everything is really small and I can still only get to 3440x1440 in borderless windowed mode.
  8. I finally got my hands on a 3440 x1440 monitor, and while most other programs have figured everything out, Outer Planets hasn't. I remember it working just fine on my old 2560 x 1080 monitor, but on this monitor it won't show me the correct resolution regardless of if it is on full screen, windowed full screen, or windowed (it actually has lower resolutions for everything except full screen). I've checked windows and Nvidia control panel settings and both have the monitor listed as the correct resolution and frame rate. Monitor: Acer z35P 100Hz Does anyone have a solution to this?
  9. Linus has done plenty of videos on using a server to simulate multiple user systems, but I'd like to see one that uses current hardware on both the server and consumer side. Namely, I'd like to see them build a typical gaming PC ($700-$1000 range) and some other stuff like a NAS, home work station, and maybe dedicated linux game server, and then compare it to a virtualized system running in a server rack (or just a big beefy case) using beefy current hardware from AMD/radeon, Intel, and Nvidia. I'd really be interested in a total comparison involving cost, footprint, power consumption, noise, convenience, and where that intersection is where one method becomes better than the other (if there is one). I'd like to see where the performance hits are, if any. I think a circular chart with each category on a point around it would really help to visualize this (all I can think of as an example is those vehicle stat charts in racing games or for stands in JoJo's bizarre adventure). I'm interested because one big virtualized machine sounds like the best option for minimalist/compact living in terms of materials, power, and noise, but I just don't know. Any thoughts from other users or LTT employees? I promise to buy some merch if you make it!
  10. I don't know if it's the same thing, but whenever I feel it start happening I just put my index fingers in the opening of my ears and pull down really hard until I hear the sound fade away.
  11. Update: Acer decided to just refund me, even though I asked for a replacement. It may be for the best. I really do believe in buying used and refurbished from an ecological standpoint, but Acer (and by extension myself) just wasted the time and resources of a monitor two fold with this idiocy. Some people seem to be blasting Newegg. I haven't used them recently because they only have marginally better availability than Amazon, and I've heard their CS had taken a hit. That being said, this is NOT newegg's doing. Acer is the one that packaged this product. I just wish Newegg had some kind of information on packaging, or had vetted the product. I thought I'd be getting a monitor in the original packaging. Taking four bolts off the back of the stand and putting it in a new box couldn't have been that hard or expensive. It's what I do whenever I have to move my monitors by vehicle. Should I try again? Some people have been getting monitors that look new.
  12. I prefer used and refurb, and this is the first time anything like this has happened to me, and from an oem for that matter.
  14. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I noticed that our Crossley Nomad was running about a half-step too slow. The Nomad uses a belt driven platter and what I assume is a synchronous motor. The platter is centered on a metal shaft, and that's what it spins on, meaning it has a vaseline-like lubricant between the plastic platter and the metal shaft. I tried opening the unit up to look for a potentiometer to adjust the voltage to the motor, and I actually found one! unfortunately, adjusting it didn't actually change anything, which leaves me at a loss. I'd rather not just put tape over the drive spindle to increase gearing, as this would introduce variance in the speed. Any help on this front? I'll include some pictures below of the circuitry that drives the motor, as well as the platter mechanism.
  15. Faxing is still used by news corporations as well as industries where official documentation is important. Also Japan still uses FAX quite a lot from what I've heard.
  16. I totally understand. My main concern for the Quest is that it has a refresh of only 75Hz, and I don't know how well the inside-out sensors will do.
  17. Thanks for the help! I've found both CV1 and Quest for a good price. Oculus has very little technical info no their website, so it looks like I'll be doing some digging.
  18. I wasn't sure if I should put this in Peripherals or Displays, so I put it in General ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I finally finished my new build, and now I have the llamathrust to up my display tech. The thing is, I haven't been paying much attention to the current happenings in VR. I know Valve is making a new headset with Valve branding, and Oculus threw out a few different Versions of the rift, but I don't really know what's what, so I was hoping the kind people here could help. I'm more biased towards the Rift because I plan to play sitting down (I have cats that learned how to commit apology-treat fraud, no spare room for a VR... room, and minor nerve damage from the chest down sooo yeah) and I remember people saying it has better controllers. That being said, I'm open to helpful disagreement. Also I don't get motion sickness, but I think I would get annoyed by the "Screen Door Effect". I think that's all the necessary info, but I have some questions below: 1. I saw something called the oculus quest, which was standalone, but the website now shows a fiber optic cable that can connect to a PC. In this case, does the headset work like just a display, or is it limited? 2. I remember seeing reports that oculus and HTC were only allowing certain games to be played on their tech. I hate exclusives. Is this still going on? Where can I find what headset plays what games? 3. Sensors. If I'm in a chair, how necessary are they? Do the headsets not have a gyro inside to sense motion? Do I always need at least two? 4. Is the Oculus CV1 still viable? I've seen one of those for sale used, and I'm really into used stuff. Don't feel the need to type everything out. If there's an article that can answer all of my questions you can just post that. Thanks in advance!
  19. Well, no, quite the opposite, but it still seems like over reach.
  20. This has been a thing since the early 2000's. If I'm not mistaken, many new browsers and softwares would do whatever they could to trick you into using more of their products. remember the toolbar-pocalypse that killed IE? The thing is, unless the software repeatedly checks for settings and replaces your search engine every time you change it back, I doubt this will be an issue. I actually do like Bing a lot, as Google has gotten overzealous with their ads. Still, it's the morality of the matter, and this is a dirty business tactic which should be below Microsoft. I'd actually recommend Ecosia as your search engine if you don't mind the ads. It's google, but every search contributes to planting a tree, and clicking an ad result helps even more than a regular search.
  21. I was just in the market for a new mouse pad! This is awesome! It's great to see forum users get something done
  22. Good brands for PSU are Seasonic, EVGA, silverstone, bequiet, and corsair. I've personally had coil whine issues with some of corsair's power supplies.
  23. I didn't even know you could do that. I'll give that a try after work today.
  24. Hello everyone. Whenever I try to launch "Jedi: Fallen Order" on Steam I see the Origin login screen flash, but the game never launches. Instead what happens is an origin icon appears in the taskbar, but there is no window associated with it, and the notification button starts to glitch out, randomly generating some extra white pixels near the bottom. I've tried uninstalling the game, running it as administrator, and I would verify the files if that option wasn't grayed out for some reason. Other's have suggested just running the game from Origin, except unlike these cases I can't see Jedi Fallen Order as one of my games in my Origin Account. I think it may have something to do with also having Xbox (beta) app installed, but this problem still happens even with that application completely shut down. Anyone else run into this problem and have a solution? Thanks in advance.