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  1. we talking about i7 6700k which cost second handed 200euros and new r5 3600 with b550 mobo new cost 250euros
  2. so basically I fcked uo and need new cpu/cpu+mobo combo
  3. i tried to reset cmos ( remove battery wait and put it back) tried to boot up without heatsing pulling cpu with finger untill hot
  4. fans are spinning, cpu is getting hotter and no usb power
  5. I would try but my only pc is now fcked up
  6. now I used nail polisher to not make contact with IHS
  7. I tried to home delid i7 6700k, not using liquid metal. I opened cpu fine wiped old thermal paste. When I put cpu to the mobo system is not booting nor post, no beep sound. Can be that I damaged cpu?
  8. no other option to use this cpu without making nuclear reaction
  9. I will pay 30 euros for it to a company, ehich adds 2 year warranty on it
  10. probably shitty intel thermal paste is hard as stone. I have to delid it. 30 euros is not that much