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  1. Disabling FreeSync helps a bit, and the games are at least playable now, but the flickering is still there. Trying to flick to a target is just not possible still because of the shifting pixels. I have to slow down to see anything. It doesnt matter if I have Response Time on Off, Normal, High, or Extended, it seems the same with the Lagom Test and in game.
  2. Ok, so I finally broke down and decided to replace my 60hz Hanns-G HH281 monitor that I've had for over 10 years. It was great for gaming for a long time, despite 60hz, and I loved the size. After months of research, and deciding I was going to stick to a budget monitor for now until I could justify the price of something like the new 34GN850 or 38GN950, I picked up the 32GK650 because I wanted at least 144hz and 1440p and the price was right. I get it home, power it on, get 144hz and Freesync/Gsync working, and the color calibrated. I loved what I saw. Until I started playing games. The ghosting/refresh rate/whatever felt worse than my 60hz, and reminded me of when I picked up one of the first Dell 1280x1024 LCD panels back in the early 2000's. There's a color shift that happens with text towards red that flickers, and it is really hard on the eyes. The mouse has substantial trails, and moving windows is atrocious. Surely, something is wrong, because the reviews were all praise. Gaming shows off the 144hz, but movement really brings out this shift/flicker making it nearly impossible, even with 144+ fps. I loaded up UFOTest and while it does show 144hz is working, there's pretty substantial blurring and ghosting. Lagom LCD Test is where it's really evident with the fine textured pixel tests. I've attached a video. Any thoughts? I've tried the included DisplayPort cable, and a brand new StarTech DP 1.4 8k UHD cable, as well as the HDMI i was using before (obviously only 60hz). My settings: Gamer 1 144hz Freesync: Extended Black Stabilizer: 50 Response Time: Faster 1ms Motion Blur Reduction: Off Brightness: 50 Contrast: 60 Sharpness: 70 Gamma: Mode 2 Color: Manual 6500k. Input DisplayPort with 1.2 Enabled. Smart Energy: Off New video 720.mp4