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  1. I was able to find a CX 650W this one comes with 2x 6+2 pin connectors
  2. So I finally went for a CX 650. I was able to find one new on that store. Ty for all the help.
  3. So you recommend me staying with the 450 w? I thought upgrading to the 700 w BR , while worse quality, will still be more future proof in case I would like to change some parts along the way. Also, is using a mollex to conver a single 8 pin connector to 2 x 8+ 2 pin connectors a bad idea? are they going to work fine like if they were 2 independent pin connectors?
  4. Do you think the 450W will be able to supply that wattage? I have heard that no PSU provides what it says it does, so the 450w is going to be providing around 430W for example.. it is a Bronze + so it should have a 85% effiency margin.
  5. There is no better 550w where I live, just more EVGA BR PSU and a CX 650 but it is out of stock
  6. I do have a mollex! But was going to change it because someone told me above that I should go for the 700w BR instead. If you guys think the 450 W will handle the RX 5700 XT then I will stick with it. Now I am confused with all the information around here hehe..
  7. The EVGA 700BR 80 + Bronze is the only "best" and bigger PSU I can afford. Will it be enough?
  8. And it helps if I have the extra cables at home to tranform a single 6 +2 pin connector to 2 x 6+2 pin connectors? But focusing on power consumption, will that 450 be enough? or should I change it for the 700 BR EVGA PSU?
  9. I have done my research and according to the calculators my rig will consume 410 Watts at best but I have read in other places that you need a 550-600w PSU for this specific model. That is why I am asking to the experts
  10. What a beautiful monster you are planning to build! My recommendations are the following: Try going for a cheaper Case. There are plenty of cases that look good and are way cheaper than that one. Recommend NZXT cases and Cooler Master. Do you really need a 1TB SSD? The SSD is very good for the OS but for gaming (in general) the performance can be achieved with a Firecuda Drive. I would purchase a 500 GB SSD for the OS and some other programs I would like to have there and purchase a 2TB Barracuda (or Fire cuda). The CPU cooler is no necessary. You can puchase it later in case you need but if you are not planning to Overclock your cpu, you dont need it. Also, this CPU at stock speeds will be more than enough to suit your needs. I recommend going for a RX 5600XT instead of a RTX 2060, it has better performance (with the new BIOS update) and is some $ cheaper than the RTX 2060. Do you really need 32 GB of RAM? 16 GB of RAM for gaming is more than enough and you will save a lot of money there. You can always leave those 2 free slots for later in case you need the extra 16 GB RAM. Everything else looks fine to me. Buying a good PSU is always a good idea for real future proof rigs.
  11. Hello, people. So I just recently built the following PC: Ryzen 7 3700x (stock speeds and cooler) TUF Gaming B450M Plus Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 DDR4 @3000Mhz 1 Kingston UV500 M.2 SSD 120GN 1- 2TB Barracuda HDD Corsair H110R Case (1 rear 120mm fan and 1 120mm fan on top) PSU: Corsair CX450 80+ Bronze I had an old R9 380 4GB Card at home so I am using that one for now but would like to upgrade to a RX 5700 XT (XFX THICC III Ultra) and I would like to know if this PSU is enough to handle that card at stock speeds? If not I can still go back to the store and change it for bigger one. My other option of PSU at that store is an EVGA 700 BR 80+ Bronze (I know it isn´t the best PSU out there but those are my options in my country if I want to stay on my budget. I could go for a Asus ROG PSU but those are damn expensive) EDIT: I have already used System builder and other sources to try to calculate the aproximate Watts consumption and it says that it would be 420 at best but I just want to make sure. Also, I have the extra cables at home to convert 1 x 6+2 pin connector to a 2x 6+2 pin connector if neccesary. EDIT 2: I was able to find a new CX 650 which comes with 2x 6+2 pin connector. Thanks for all the help and videos. Thank you in advance for the help and patience with this noobie.
  12. Thank you very much. I will go for the 3700x just because I want a future proof computer. The new Gen of consoles will have 8 core custome zen 2 cpus, so I expect future games to take advantage of those extra cores. I'll go for the Tuf b450m since it is the cheapest and has been tested with a 3700x at stock speeds and works well (source). I cant get a better GPU if I go with the 3600x because the difference in price between those CPUs doent make up for the difference between a GTX 1660 Super and a RTX 2060 (Yes, I know this sucks). Also I wanted a SSD for the OS only, I can handle my games on a Barracuda and save a little from the Firecuda. In 5 years, if I need an upgrade, I will definitely go for the current gen of CPUs and GPUs on that moment, I dont like buying old gens unless they performed very similiar to the current gen.
  13. It is a bit expensive but we are talking just $20 or do you recommend going for a 2.5 SSD Kingston SA400 instead 128gb instead of the Kingston UV500 M.2?