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    Kanna reacted to Spotty in 3 year old PC rebooting at random (detailed info)   
    Threads merged and moved to Troubleshooting.
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    Kanna reacted to Bombastinator in android emulator gaming issue   
    I honestly don’t know.  Things can come in a lump here. 

    what I think I understand about the problem.  It’s somewhat limited.
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    Kanna reacted to Jurrunio in Celeron G3950 for Minecraft Server   
    Awful. A low frequency dual core like that cant even run singleplayer well, let alone 15.
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    Kanna reacted to Dravinian in Why are Mods making this forum Ask Jeeves?   
    This forum isn't so much a community of people who are together to have a laugh, chew the fat, feel like a part of something...but more a place where you can ask and answer questions, and read some tech news.
    Everything else is apparently a Status Update, which I doubt many people actually read, I am sure I will be contradicted there before the Mods shut this post too, but I haven't read any updates in the months I have been here and I doubt I ever would...why would you read what one person has to say, on a forum that is designed to engage the whole community?  That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
    Why is this place becoming Stack Overflow rather than a place where people in a community can come together to talk about stuff and have a laugh? - as long as there is some connection to technology, the fundamental base of the community.  If it isn't offensive, if it isn't divisive, then why isn't it allowed as long as it doesn't break the rules?
    That is the point of a forum, to foster a community.  It isn't meant to be a question and answer place and a news site, there are places for that.
    If it isn't a community, then I for one, don't really see any point to it.  It seems like a lot of effort spent on not creating something.
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    Kanna got a reaction from ReyMart Eyeless in Building Gaming and Streaming PC ?   
    That's a new one for me didn't know that the report function had "posted in the wrong subforum"
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    Kanna reacted to LogicalDrm in Building Gaming and Streaming PC ?   
    We have report function for a reason. And I've been moving threads from GD better part of today.
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    Kanna got a reaction from Oswin in What Role Do You Play?   
    I'm the AWP and m4a4 and ak47 guy, I play best with those (those ak headshots are so clean)
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    Kanna reacted to zeusthemoose in Anyone know an actual 120hz TV?   
    This one ranks a few of the popular ones:
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    Kanna got a reaction from Bombastinator in android emulator gaming issue   
    He said in the text "gameloop"
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    Kanna got a reaction from Moonzy in Anyone know an actual 120hz TV?   
    I'm seeking for a 120hz TV for my xbox gaming 4K or not doesn't really matter since I don't watch 4k films neither videos that much only watch videos on my PC
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    Kanna reacted to Moonzy in Game capture(Geforce Experience)?   
    -borrowing pic-
    you have to enable instant replay and configure it to your liking (set the amount of time, bit rate, resolution, fps)
    in the photo u can see a mic icon next to the cog (setting) button, u can set it to be always on, push to talk, or muted.
    in settings, u may change the destination folder for the cache and video
    it's recommended you cache it on a mechanical disk over an SSD as it wears out the drive
    and set a hotkey for saving the instant replay
    i recommend turning on the overlay so u can know if it's working
    and you should be able to just capture the past x amount of time after pressing the key
    do note that u may enable desktop capture, not enabling it will pause the record while u alt tab out of the game (the video will simply skip to the part where you alt tab back)
    but enabling desktop capture will make the GPU continually capture your desktop even while you're not gaming, which may not be desirable and uses extra amount of power
    you may also look up multi audio track where they separate your mic and computer audio into separate files
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    Kanna reacted to WereCat in Game capture(Geforce Experience)?   
    Yes, you can do that.
    Click that

    And you can set it up there

    Also check Keyboard Shortcuts to see how to activate it in game.
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    Kanna got a reaction from WereCat in Game capture(Geforce Experience)?   
    If you press Alt + Z (default keybind) you should have an option called instant replay you can configuree that with custom hotkey and custom settings (default record setting is 15 sec I belive and default file path is videos on user)
    Edit : There is a option called highlight which saves kills in games like fortnite and pubg I’m pretty sure (only selected games) but the clip doesn’t save tou have to manually
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    Kanna reacted to seon123 in Unlucky with power supplies? 3 dead in 5 years.   
    Uh... That's a downgrade from the G3, and you should definitely not have accepted that as a replacement unit. 
    Coil whine is not dangerous or indicative or something being wrong with the PSU. 
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    Kanna reacted to Abhayy in External SSD and ps4   
    whenever you plug in any external storage into the PS4 it formats it into a format is unrecognizable by PCs
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    Kanna reacted to Wiebenor in Formatting old C Drive (PLEASE HELP!!!)   
    Well... Here's a question that somebody might not have thought of. Is the person in question sure that he is booting off of the right drive? Cuz it sounds like he's trying to format his c drive, which means that he's formatting the drive he is currently booted off of. My advice would be to see if the new drive is the drive that's being booted from, and change that to the boot drive if it isn't. That way they can take the old drive and format it no problem. Generally what happens When you are formatting a hard drive, is it checks if the drive is in use, which will be the case if you are running off of said drive. That is why all of those programs that modify your drive structure and format stuff that don't come from windows, and even the ones that do, reboot your computer beforehand. It's so that they can format and/or copy drives without certain drivers and hardware abstraction layers and things in the way preventing them from having free reign on the drive. Or, that has been my usual experience anyway...
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    Kanna reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Formatting old C Drive (PLEASE HELP!!!)   
    your goal is to wipe the drive, it can't hurt anything.
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    Kanna reacted to Chris Pratt in Battery charging faster on linux then windows   
    Also, the battery charge times aren't always accurate. It may charge quicker than that.
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    Kanna reacted to -rascal- in Which m.2 slot should i use?   
    @Brae @Kanna
    Doesn't matter which slot you use, the PCI-E 3.0 X4 bandwidth for the M.2 slots are coming from the Z490 chipset, and not through the CPU.
    The CPU only supplies 16 PCI-E 3.0 lanes, and those are wired to the primary PCI-E X16 slots.

    Some older platforms (e.g. Z97 / Z170 / Z270) you have the option to choose the PCI-E bandwidth mode (e.g. X2 / X4), but it's all X4 or nothing these days.
    Because the faster NVMe drives will use up all X4 bandwidth; you'd severely gimp performance if running it at X2 ....or back in the day, PCI-E 2.0 mode.
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    Kanna reacted to SpookyCitrus in $2000 budget on a prebuilt   
    Most repair shops and even some computer parts stores will charge you a small fee to put the computer together for you if you bring in the parts, which still may be cheaper than getting a prebuilt. We recommend anyone building a computer, especially a gaming computer with that sort of budget to build their own because typically you're looking at overpaying by at least $200 to $300 minimum I've seen prebuilt computers from "reliable" companies sell for $500 over the cost of buying it yourself. Places like repair shops and Microcenter I believe usually have a charge of $150 or close to it to put the computer together for you. If you have a Microcenter near you I would recommend going that route otherwise call around to some repair shops and see how much they would charge to just put the computer together for you. If you find a place that will build it for you for a reasonable price we can link you a build list with the best components for your needs and budget. If you want to save money or put more of your budget into the build instead of throwing it away I'd recommend you watch some YouTube and try building the computer yourself it's a lot easier(especially with YouTube guides) than you think.
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    Kanna reacted to aisle9 in Figuring out what GPU will work with 220W PSU   
    First off, who built the thing? The manufacturer of the PSU is important here. If it's a Lite-On, Seasonic or Delta unit, even In-Win is ok here, you're good to assume that it's actually pushing 220W. If it's from Chang's Chinese Firecracker Factory's power supply division, assume fireworks if you push it to 220W for long.
    To more specifically answer your question, I've dropped an i7-2600 (95W) into a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF along with a low-profile GTX 750 Ti (60W) on that system's 240W Delta PSU, and nothing ever went bang. If your PSU is solid and there's room for the card, I think an RX 550 would be fine, and the 1050 isn't entirely out of the question.
    Which case, btw? I'm always looking for fun new ITX possibilities.
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    Kanna reacted to Chris Pratt in Figuring out what GPU will work with 220W PSU   
    TDP is not necessarily the same as your actual power draw. Under load, that CPU will probably be drawing 120-140W. That's assuming you don't overclock it.
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    Kanna reacted to Mateyyy in Figuring out what GPU will work with 220W PSU   
    Either a GT 1030 GDDR5/750Ti or a GTX 1650 with some prayers.
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    Kanna got a reaction from DarthSmartt in Running chrome os on a Windows Pc by doing a hard drive swap.   
    Any PC can run chrome os I'm pretty sure just add another drive or dual boot