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    Kanna got a reaction from erek in Quad nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultras   
    I forgot about that thread
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    Kanna got a reaction from wkdpaul in Quad nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultras   
    I forgot about that thread
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    Kanna reacted to wkdpaul in Quad nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultras   
    Actually, we have a thread for that ;
    @erek make sure to post future parts like these in the thread linked
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    Kanna got a reaction from Stahlmann98 in I need a but of advice   
    Maybe get 16GB ram and an RX 550 that could go for kinda cheap (8 is also enough tbh I would wait with 16GB unless you play some intensive stuff) Edit : csgo is not really intensive neither verdun so you should be okay with 8GB
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    Kanna got a reaction from Stahlmann98 in I need a but of advice   
    What was the specs of it? You could always reinstall windows
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    Kanna reacted to TofuHaroto in CPU worked a few pins were bent.   
    Some pins are just ground pins and aren't critical if they were bent. If the cpu works just fine and there's no problems  then it should be ok. 
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    Kanna reacted to Bigun in Been out of the desktop game for a while, need help   
    Spending that much money feels really weird.  Thanks guys!  See you in another 15 years.
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    Kanna reacted to BlueScope819 in FBI / CIA Logs in my HP OMEN   
    Hi, may I introduce you to the joke?
    Two options:
    1. It's funny
    2. You're a boomer without a sense of humor
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    Kanna got a reaction from Bombastinator in Upgrading To New PC   
    I would keep the case and not get a new one (as long as it is atx) Then I would settle for a R5 3600 (maybe wait for the prices to drop since you can't really fit into this budget with psu and everything and MSI B450 board and 2x8GB corsair vengance LPX and keep that GPU you have for a bit until you have some more money maybe
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    Kanna reacted to Eigenvektor in Help with Shadow of the Tomb Raider   
    Yeah, I simply clicked Continue Anyway on mine and it seems to run just fine.
    This is what it looks like btw.
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    Kanna got a reaction from BollyWood401 in Ubisoft games   
    Well watch dogs 2 and some other games was made for console and they lazy ported my wd2 was lagging but I just had to disable page file other than that every game runs super good at high ish settings (GTX 1060 3GB)
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    Kanna reacted to Aereldor in Entry build for friend   
    Comes with one.
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    Kanna reacted to Windows7ge in Best way to add fan to heatsink on PCIe card?   
    If you're not worried about how pretty it looks twist ties around the heatsink pegs to the fan mount holes will get it done.
    If you want it done prettier a 3D printer is really good for this.
    Also I wouldn't recommend mounting the fan blowing air away from the heatsink as you just have. There's no seal to make sure all the air gets pulled through the heatsink and the front of the fan may possibly grind against the heatsink.
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    Kanna reacted to PorkishPig in Best Gaming Laptop That Compares to A15?   
    You made a thread with the link to the exact laptop you're asking about a week ago. Why not refer to that one instead of making a new thread?
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    Kanna reacted to Mad153 in Looking for a lightweight antivirus for a windows 7 install   
    maybe I should make a thread about this, but windows defender is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at identifying malware that isn't in its database. So no, don't
  17. Informative
    Kanna reacted to flashiling in Entry build for friend   
    even so i'd suggest saving up a bit more, it obviously depends on if he gets 250SEK per month and his pc litterally is on fire rn, then yea some compromises are needed and they can be upgraded later.
    but a system for 5000SEK wouldn't last for a long time and with the upgrades needed to make it a "proper" gaming setup he'll end up spending up to 2-3k over a short amount of time
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    Kanna reacted to gloop in Kinda lost on wattage/recommended PSUs from PSU list.   
    A 650w PSU is plenty for your needs. 
    What is your budget for the PSU?
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    Kanna reacted to Not Wills in Can install a OS that my laptop does not support harm it?   
    Most likely doesn't.
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    Kanna reacted to Not Wills in Can install a OS that my laptop does not support harm it?   
    It's 64 bit so win 10 64 bit will work fine, last time I checked it's not master hacker virus os.
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    Kanna reacted to Lord Vile in All Xbox Consoles From 2001-Present   
    Why not? There were 2 of the NES, 2 of the PlayStation, 2 of the PS2, 4 of the PS3. At least they’re visibly different unlike the 40 and 60GB variants of the OG PS3 which had completely different hardware. 
    there were also 4 versions of the fat 360 and 2 of the slim. 
  22. Informative
    Kanna reacted to Dedayog in Moving PC on a weekly basis   
    100%.  Think about the parts and how they're handled.
    Don't forget that foam is nice but doesn't LOCK things in so they cannot move.  You'll still get wiggle and torque.  
    Also, parts are shipped.  No one has or will take care of your PC and its parts like YOU.  UPS / Fedex / DHL, etc. all have tossed the parts around like frisbees and they still work.
    I've personally moved Emma and Plex multiple times around the house as well as built machines and transported them to other's houses.  No issues.
  23. Informative
    Kanna reacted to dizmo in Moving PC on a weekly basis   
    Don't worry about it. You're driving, it's not going to come under that much strain. If it's properly secured, it's not going to have any damage done to it unless you're driving down a logging road or something and the car's quite bouncy.
  24. Agree
    Kanna reacted to Dedayog in Moving PC on a weekly basis   
    I'd simply get a bracket of sorts to lock down the end of your GPU so there's no stress on the PCIe slot.  Then put the case on it's side with the GPU vertical then.
    Nothing else to worry about. CPU is locked in place, RAM is locked in place, fans are screwed in, etc etc etc.
    Probably go with an AIO then, so there's no torque issue like a larger air cooler can cause if you have a small drop.
    Otherwise PC's are solid and basically everything is screwed down or locked somehow.
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    Kanna reacted to Applefreak in Help, installed new gpu and now no sound from gpu using hdmi   
    Remove the drivers with DDU and only install the nvidia ones. Do not run both, an AMD and an nVidia card at the same time. Also make sure the graphics card is selected as output in windows.