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  1. Then is there an explanation to why my cortana settings look like that
  2. So , does my cortana settings look exactly like everyone elses? Im confused. Im running Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 and you are saying it isnt a bug thats caused my cortana to not respond to "Hey Cortana" and instead its been removed in a windows update?
  3. So guys , Ive had this problem over and over again. Cortana , after I have completely reinstalled windows seems to work for a day or two but after that all the settings seem to disappear. No , I haven't downloaded anything weird just standard stuff like CCleaner and what not maybe Malwarebytes and those are the only two things really. But yeh my cortana settings and the ability to respond to Hey Cortana seems to just disappear. One of the main downloads that I did which I thought maybe killed Cortana was a program called Spybot Anti Beacon , but I restored all my settings to default and it still doesn't work , now im just left with cortana looking like this. Anyway I know its far fetched to post worries about cortana on a page like this but if someone knows what the fix is that would be SMASHING
  4. Ryzen 5 2600 OC at 4.1ghz at 1.425v gtx 1060 6GB , 16gb ddr 4 ram 2400mhz asrock b450m pro4 motherboard
  5. So , I play GTA with low settings , I play many games with low settings , but why in intensive heavy load moments does my cpu and gpu never really go above 50 percent? I want to make the most out of my components and its a bit upsetting seing the performance with that in mind - I would think its an easy fix? Does anyone else get this problem and is there any ways other than - choosing ultimate performance powerplan and prefer maximum performance in control panel.
  6. Got a asus dual oc edition some time back , I see people pushing their graphics card really high like going 130 on clock and 700 on memory and have it be stable , but I can barely get my card over 70 clock and 500 memory , can someone explain? The only thing in mind is my 430w powersupply and thats about it