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  1. New development. Connecting one side to the 10g sfp and the other to a gigabit port provides full gigabit. The massive slow down only occurs when both machines are in the 10-gig slots.
  2. The module is an Ipolex ASF-10G-T, and the switch is a TEG-30284
  3. Hello, so I spent a ton of money upgrading my network to 10g, all is well and good untill... My setup is an editing computer (client) my server and now my 10g switch. I have rj45 intel nics so instead of switching everything I got a sfp+ TRENDnet switch and sfp+ to rj45 modules. The problem is I only get 200kbps transfer speed! Peer to peer i get 1gb+! On the gigabit slots I get 120mbps. The problem only happens when im using the sfp+ slots. Yes they are both sfp+. Could this be some other kind of compatibility issue? Im new to the sfp world.
  4. Hey go back into your device manager under unknown devices download drivers for anything in there. That's where my Wi-Fi adapter was hiding.
  5. Yes they are. So I set the ipv4 in the router for all my DHCP devices and its working perfectly, accept that my freenas server is not spitting out an ip when configured to DHCP. I tried a different nic and thats not the problem either. I may have to just reset it.
  6. Thats what I was going to suggest, but how did you flash without posting? I thought you didn't have the buttons on the back?
  7. Haha, the battery needs to stay out long enough for the capacitors to empty. Unplug your computer pull the battery, push the power button, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute, and you're good to go.
  8. Hell no! Stay away from ryzen master, its the devil! Well only if you use it. Hard to tell what one is correct but for me the temp differences between the two was only a few degrees.
  9. What motherboard do you have? Do you have a BIOS reset button on it? Pulling the battery is just a pain if you don't have to. After putting the battery back in it still didn't post? Or haven't you tried it yet?
  10. Netmask /24 default gateway.
  11. Not 100% sure I followed you but my config is. Router switch is now dhcp and not showing up in the router, was originally PC is now DHCP because it wont connect to the internet with an ip of (thats what it was pre switch) and the server was working on dhcp but i changed it to and it no longer connects.
  12. Thank you, I have a new problem now
  13. Update, I was an idiot and using a subnet that my router did not except. it worked it just didn't provide internet access. I had to configure the switch to DHCP for some reason setting a static kept causing it to freeze. So everything worked smoothly until I realized my server was DHCP. I manually set that to static and now it's no longer being recognized although it is still on the same subnet. Setting my computer static also disconnects that. For some reason it seems like the switch doesn't like me setting anything static and I can no longer find the IP to log into the switch due to it being DHCP and not showing up under my router. Any ideas?
  14. Once again in this crazy world of networking... Im over my head! So I bought a trendnet TEG-30284 to use the sfp+ 10g ports on the cheap. I have it plugged into my computer my server and my router for now. I can figure them all onto the same subnet and I can ping between all of them. I'm able to log into my router's access panel but I have absolutely zero internet. Do I have to tell the switch what port is wan?