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  1. All I know is one has the 3D logo on the base. I'm trying to get more out of him. Well he had it posted for 1000 USD and i offered 750 and he said yes. So I guess it is worth it then?
  2. Interested in buying a computer I think someone is selling for cheap? Its a ibuypower prebuilt. He doesn't know much about it, but it comes with this... Intel Core i7-9700F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER - 1TB HDD + 480GB Solid State Drive, with "two monitors and mouse and a mechanical hard drive". He isn't very descriptive. Doesn't seem like he knows anything about his machine when asked questions. Says PC gaming isn't for him and just wants to go back to playing console games on his tv. It is a fully functioning machine with a case power supply as well. Literally going off that and nothing else what would that be worth? USA/USD currency