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  1. Yes. I also switched cables and plugged into a different PSU slot , reseated RAM, removed all unnecessary storage etc.. Also the graphics card is behaving strangely. In windows, without doing anything it just ramps the fans up and down to 600prm when it should be dead silent.. It stays silent if I have nothing open but shouldn't it stay at a constant rpm once it needs to cool down a little? If I set it in afterburner at fixed 2000rpm it stays at 2000rpm but that's no solution.
  2. Integrated gpu is fine but slow and useless. It seems like it's the motherboard. I specifically bought ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming so that it's the same brand as the GPU to avoid any issues but .... Guess I'll buy a new motherboard when I'll switch to Ryzen :)) Until then, are there any settings in the BIOS that can "deliver" more power to the GPU or avoid these reboots? I moved the GPU to another slot but made no difference. Also, if I switched on anti-surge protection or something like that, the motherboard would say that the computer rebooted because of a power surge was detected and to protect my computer etc etc.. Thanks for your responses!
  3. Hi guys! I need some help with an issue that's been bugging me since I bought my PC a couple of years ago. If I put the power limit on my GPU above 55% the whole system reboots as soon as I enter into a game (not the menu but the actual game). Sometimes it would reboot while watching youtube or doing something a little more graphic intensive in the browser (chrome). My first thought was to change the PSU to increase power and bought a CORSAIR RM750x. Should be MORE than enough for one 1070 and an intel 6600k. No dvd writer, no RGB lighting etc.. I have 16GB DDR4. Latest BIOS, drivers, etc.. I also changed from HDMI to Display Port, turned G-sync on and off.. NOTHING SOLVED THE ISSUE. However I seem to be getting good frame rates at 55% power limit also, not sure how many more I can gain by pushing power limit to 100 or over but is this normal? I will probably buy a new video card in the future but it works fine now for games I play on 1440p.. Any help is appreciated. THANKS!